Saturday, March 31, 2018

2018 First Quarter Check In

At the beginning of 2018 I made a list of Bookish Goals.  One of my overall goals for the year is to actually accomplish some things I want to do instead of just talking about how much I want to do them.  I've been fairly successful on the non-bookish front but I felt like a check in was needed over here in book land.

1.  Read 200 Books - I'd been keeping my goal lower for the last few years but I thought it might be fun to challenge myself a bit since I haven't read 200 books in a year since before the Tornado was born (he's 8 now).  I'm a little behind at only 40 read so far but I've got a few in work and I think I'll catch up.

2.  Complete the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge - Honestly I haven't even looked at this since the beginning of January so I have no idea how I'm doing.  I need to catch up here.

3.  Create some kind of system for incoming books - I actually had done this but we're kind of playing musical rooms right now so stuff has gotten shoved around and my system was kind of wrecked.  However, when things get a little more settled I know how to set it up again.

4.  Read more nonfiction - I've read four nonfiction books so far so I think this one is going pretty well.

5.  Focus on reading my own books - Seriously mixed results here.  I've read 2 books off my own shelves which is good but there's still so many more to go.

6.  Keep an eye out for independent bookstores - I haven't but I didn't expect to at this point.  We usually don't do any travelling until spring/summer.  We have a few weekend trips planned in the next month or so and I'm making a list of bookstores in the area.

7.  Make progress on a series I've neglected - I'm doing okay here.  I've started a few series that I've been really wanting to read and 7 new books in series that I started in previous years.

8.  Participate in at least one readathon - Big nope here but I have hopes for later in the year.

9.  Spend some time using one of my coloring books while listening to an audio book - Also a big nope but I still have hope I'm going to be able to work this into my routine.

10. Try out some new cookbooks - I'd been ignoring my cookbooks for quite some time but in the last little while I pulled out the most recent Pioneer Woman cookbook that I had preordered but completely ignored and have started using it.  I also cleaned out a number that I'm just not using.

2018 Stats

Books Read: 39

2018 DNFs: Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses by Claire Dederer

2018 5 Star Reads
First Women: The Grace and Power of America's Modern First Ladies by Kate Andersen Brower
A Brush with Shadows by Anna Lee Huber
A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn
As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride by Cary Elwes


  1. You have mighty goals! No way could I read 200 books but, you go! For the last few days I’ve had trouble making time to start my latest book. Sometimes it’s frustrating.
    What series are you wanting to finish? I just heard on Goodreads that both Peter Robinson and Kate Morton are coming out with new novels! Very excited about those authors.

  2. Good idea to check in with your bookish goals. Reading 40 books so far this year is amazing! I think I'm at 33 with 2 more almost finished. And a bunch of mine are audiobooks. I like your idea of checking out independent bookstores and also catching up on series. Good luck with everything! On to the 2nd quarter, right?

  3. Awesome goals!! I love that you're checking in! Too often I set goals and then totally forget about them!

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads

  4. Your goals look so organized. I have to set some goals, too.

  5. Looks like you're doing great with your goals (some of ours are very similar and I am not doing as well...) I have been wanting to read As You Wish since it came out -- and you're one of many that gave it 5 stars. I really need to read it! Good luck :)

  6. Great to look back at your goals and see how you are doing. I have read 2 books for the MMD reading challenge but... I can see the other 10 are going to be more difficult to fulfil.

  7. I love finding bookstores when traveling or on vacation. Good luck with that one (and all of them actually)!! And 40 books so far is great!

    the Anna Lee Huber books look good, and I still need to read cary Elwes'.

  8. Looks like you are doing great with your goals for the year. 200 books is a lot. I usually get pretty close but I don't know that I will be able to read that many until my daughter goes off to college.

  9. These are great goals, Katherine! And it's good to assess where you are on them. I'm behind on most of my book-related goals this year, so hats off to you for making progress on most of yours!

  10. You are doing really well on your goals this year so far, Katherine. I'm impressed that you are going for the 200 reads this coming year and wish you all the very best in your ongoing challenges:)

  11. So much yes to the audiobooks and coloring. You would think it would be distracting, but I have found it keeps me more focused on the book because I am not seeing other things in the environment. :D

  12. Quite a few big goals for yourself this year, with great progress being made. Good luck with the rest of the months & achieving these goals.

  13. Oo that is a big Goodreads goal. Good luck with your 200! I've been doing a lot more off my own shelves this year and loving it :)