Thursday, March 29, 2018

Beyond the Books - What's in My Purse

Today I'm participating in Beyond the Books hosted by Karen over at KissinBlueKaren.  Each week there is a topic on the not so bookish front.  Today's topic is what's in my purse.  Now my purse isn't the most interesting but I thought I'd play along.

The purse in question.  This is my favorite fall/winter purse which means it's about to go into retirement for a bit.  I love that it's the color is neutral though a little different and it's a decent size.

The inside view.  There are 2 main sections and a little zip up section in the center which I never ever use.  There is also a zip up pocket on one side and little narrow open pockets on the other.

Side 1 - Wallet which was a Christmas present to myself.  It's a little big but it's so easy to find stuff in so I'm liking it. 

Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works that smells a bit like apples and has a four leaf clover on it.  I've had it forever and keep wondering if hand sanitizer goes bad but it still smells good so I'm guessing it's okay. 

A travel size tube of hand cream from Tocca in the Stella scent which smells all nice and orangey.

Side 2 -
Epipen because I decided to become allergic to goat's milk and shellfish in my late 20s.  You wouldn't think goat's milk would be a problem but there is an unbelievable number of restaurants that use goat cheese in their salads. 
Asthma inhaler,

eos lip balm in honey apple,

Too Faced pressed powder though all the gold letting has come off the top

A pen and highlighter because I found a highlighter to mark off items on my list at the grocery store

A little makeup bag that I got when I had an ipsy subscription.  The bag has a few lipglosses, a lipstick and a used up eyeliner pencil.  I desperately need to clean it out and refresh the contents.

That's what's in my bag right now but if this had been a year ago there would've been about a hundred bits of paper containing lists and 2 year old receipts.  I've been trying to keep it cleaner and so far so good though most of the bits of paper have ended up in the center console of my car.

So what's in your purse?  Or pockets?  Or wherever you carry all the necessary stuff around day in and day out?


  1. I have a small purse so I don't have much but pretty much it is my wallet, sanitizer, lip balm, pens and mints. Oh and my phone and keys. I have all the random papers you were talking about. I try to keep it clean but its hard!!

  2. Depends which purse we grab for me -- weekend bag, which is small and really just has wallets, phone, pen, lip gloss. Or are we talking weekday school bag, which has so much shit in it! I can't even begin :) LOl! Fun post :)

  3. I care an EOS lip balm, purse, extra reading glasses, sun glasses and that's it. LOL I keep a little bag in the car with wipes, spritzer and powder.

  4. I'm always changing purses. Same style, just different colors. I carry a comb, money, change purse, credit cards, hand sanitizer & lotion from B&BW, pen, gum.

  5. I love your bag - and navy is good year-round!

  6. I used to subscribe to Ipsy. I almost kept my subscription so long because of those cute little bags. I have like 7 of them floating around, not to mention how many I gave to Belle.
    Your purse is really cute. I spent about a week, (no joke), picking out my last purse only to leave it collecting dust under my bed. I wish I was better at shopping.

  7. I don't carry a whole lot with me. I have a purse that I got at Disney World and it is small. I have a tiny wallet that holds a few cards and cash and can fit in my pocket, my keys, and a kindle. That's it!

  8. I thought I was the only one who had hundreds of bits of papers and receipts that have wound up in the center console of my car!! LOL. Well, actually it’s just a few pieces of paper and receipts because my husband keeps my car tidied up and would drive me nuts if I kept any more than that in there.
    I use two purses at once. The larger one, which stays behind in my car when I go out, and the smaller one, a Vera Bradley, that I keep with me that just has what I need when I’m shopping, like my phone, e-reader, small hand cream, credit cards, compact mirror, hand wipes and tissues. I put my keys in my pocket. The larger purse that stays behind in the car has everything under the sun in it!! Coupon books, big packs of gum, a book, candy, headache medicine and prescription pills, antacids, pens, large hand cream, etc. I use to carry the larger bag around with me, but my shoulders can’t take it anymore. Everyone knows they can find whatever they need in my purse. ( :

  9. That is such a pretty purse., I love the color! I had to downsize the actual size of my purse because it got so heavy. If there's room I will manage to fill it so....had decide on what I really needed.

  10. I like your purse! It does look like a great size. I had an Ipsy subscription for a couple years-- those little bags sure do pile up!

  11. What a smart handbag - and I'm very impressed with how tidy it is:). I've recently found the dinky, well-made Kipling bags, which have been a lifesaver.

  12. My sister is an Eos lip balm freak. Ha ha. I think she has about ten in her purse. I think they are all different flavors, too. XD