Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What's Getting Me Through the Winter (non-bookish edition)

This time of year is probably my least favorite.  We get a lot of rain, it seems like it's gray more often than not and it's been so long since it wasn't cold I don't remember what being warm feels like.  Now granted this is Alabama so my version of cold would be most people's brisk or probably even comfortable.

Here's a few non-bookish things I'm loving and that's keeping me entertained while I hibernate

1.  Yoga
I've never really considered myself a Yoga person.  I'm a bit type A and always preferred the high intensity workouts but I've started doing Yoga with Adriene and I love it.  I just finished the 31 Day Yoga Revolution (though it took 40 days) and I feel so much more positive and comfortable.  Plus my endurance - especially in my upper body is so much better.  I'm going to start one of her other 30 day programs next month.

Some of my favorite videos:
1.  Yoga for Digestion
2.  7 Minute Bedtime Yoga
3.  Feel Good Flow
4.  Pretty much any of the 31 Day Revolution

and there are so many more I want to try!

2.  Safiya Nygaard's Youtube Channel
I kind of just stumbled on this one accidentally but I've been really enjoying it.  I've never really gotten into YouTube channels unless they were for a specific purpose - workouts or trying to figure out how to do something specific - but I've had a good time watching some of her videos.  She seems to do projects and some of my favorites are:
I Try 4 Different Style Boxes
I Bought an Entire Outfit from Instagram Ads
I Bought the First 5 Things Insta Celebs Recommended
I Tried a 10 Month Korean Skincare Routine for a Month

The videos funny and quirky and perfect for ignoring the fact that it's raining - again.

3.  Thred Up
I'm obsessed with this web site.  It's kind of like an online thrift store except the clothes look like they're in great condition and the prices are somewhere between thrift and consignment.  The range of brands is amazing and I scroll through the new arrivals all the time.  I'm making my first order later this week and I'm so excited.

4.  Top Chef
I'm absolutely loving this series of Top Chef.  All the contestants look so nice and they all cook yummy food.  I love how low drama this season has been and that all the contestants seem to have genuinely formed friendships.

5.  Good Belly
This is somewhere between a smoothie and juice texture-wise.  It's full of probiotics and is supposed to do magical stuff digestion-wise. I don't know about that but I really enjoy my morning cup.

So these are some of my favorite things right now.  What are you loving that's helping your survive until spring?


  1. Boy do I feel you on the winter weather! Some people insit that they need all 4 seasons, but I really see no use for Winter. It's cold and dreary and miserable. Yes, I'm a Texan and Yes that means my winters aren't even that bad - but still, I hate them! LOL! I've started doing yoga too - I'm not a yogi for sure, but doing a short routine in the morning has generally felt good. I've been skipping it a lot lately though, maybe it's time for me to try someone different. I'm going to check out the ones you suggested. Spring is coming soon, we're almost there :)

  2. I keep thinking maybe I should try Yoga!

  3. I used to do Yoga. I need to go to the classes though because I have such bad form and need help! Also love Top Chef. This season has been great and can't wait for the final.

  4. What a great post! And nice reminder that there's more to life than books. I'm going to check out some of these resources, particularly the yoga ones.

  5. Maybe I should try yoga again. You know I went too fast with it and tore fibers in my leg! Only me.....so I have been scared to try again but I would love the flexibility.
    Winter is getting old for us too and yes, like you said, the sort of winters we get are mild compared to others but still.....maybe I ought to move farther south!

    I haven't heard of Thred Up - thanks for the link!

  6. Good for you! I love how you did that 31 day yoga. I had to miss the last two classes of the session I took with the teen sick and my toe healing. I will sign up for it again soon. We have had Good Belly which we liked. It comes in small quantities though.

  7. It's gray here so much this time of year- ugh. By the time the sun comes back we almost forget what it looks like! I'll have to look at the Goodbelly stuff- I'd probably like the blueberry acai.

  8. I haven't even seen the GoodBelly stuff around here! I'll have to ask around. And I've been thinking of starting yoga myself, so I will check out your recommendation. As for Thred Up, it's a great place to shop. I'm really hard to fit without trying stuff on, but I have bought a few things by a designer that I already know tends to work for me (CAbi), and I've been happy with them.

    Non-bookish things that help me get through the winter: Knitting. Music. And a few too many games of Mahjong.

  9. I do Pilates, but I can't claim that it is my go-to activity to keep winter at bay as changing into my sports gear and trudging off to a chilly village hall is all that appealing. That said, I do enjoy it once I get there! Let's hope we don't need displacement activities to take our minds off the grotty weather for too much longer!

  10. I can't remember ever seeing GoodBelly in the stores. I'll be on the lookout for it.

  11. Here I just wait 48 hours and we're having summer. Then another day and it's spring. Then maybe a day of winter. lol Glad you've got things going to help you through yours :)

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  13. Safiya, and the Thred Up sites sound great, I'm going to check them out. I was just saying on my blog that I look at seed catalogs and start using sunblock that smells like old-fashioned sun tan lotion as body lotion when I get the late winter blues. 🌞

  14. I just recently purchased a yoga cd. It's not normal yoga but yoga fused with dance. It looks fun! Will be a way to get me off of the couch at least! Love this post!

  15. I'm going to have to look for Good Belly. My poor daughter has some much trouble with her stomach and they can't seem to figure out what is wrong; this seems like it's worth a try.