Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Plum Tea Crazy - Cozy Mystery Review

Rating: Very Good
Source: Publisher 

While viewing the harbor's Gaslights and Galleons Parade from the widow's walk of Timothy Neville's Charleston mansion, local banker Carson Lanier seemingly tumbles over a narrow railing, then plunges three stories to his death. But a tragic accident becomes something much more sinister when it's discovered that the victim was first shot with a bolt from a crossbow.

At the request of the mansion owner, Theodosia investigates the tragedy and is soon neck deep in suspects. An almost ex-wife, a coworker, a real estate partner--all had motives for killing the luckless banker, but one resorted to murder to settle accounts.

Genre: Mystery - Cozy

Why I Picked This Book:
  Laura Childs is a familiar favorite and I haven't read nearly enough of this series.

My Impression:
  When I think cozy mystery Laura Childs is really the author comes to mind.  Her tea shop and scrapbook store series were two of the first I discovered.  As well, her books are the definition of cozy.  Most of the characters are likable and most of the quirkiness adds to the entertainment without straying into annoying.  Theodosia's tea shop is full of wonderful tea goodness - tea, tarts, scones, little sandwiches, the occasional soup - and makes me wish that I had my very own tea focused tea shop right down the street.  As well the setting is wonderful.  I have yet to finish a book in this series without wanting to go to Charleston.  And have a scone.  And start a teapot collection.  Reading this is a little dangerous now that I think about it.

This is the 19th book in the series and I've read 2 in my memory and several more at the very beginning but they don't really count.  I really didn't have any trouble getting all the relationships figured out and there wasn't anything that detracted from my enjoyment.  Childs does a great job of filling in the reader without a large and tedious info dump.

The mystery was entertaining - I mean how can a man falling off a roof due to a crossbow all while tall ships are shooting canons out in the harbor in front of a house not be entertaining.  There are definitely a few red herrings and more than a few directions the mystery could take.  I did suspect who the killer was but wasn't sure until the end.

This was an entertaining and light mystery.  Perfect for reading with a scone or maybe a plum tart and a perfect cup of tea.  Now if I could just get Drayon to make me my own blend!

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?
  Absolutely!  I always enjoy a mystery by Laura Childs.

Would I Recommend this Book?
  If you enjoy cozy mysteries you must be reading this author.  She has several different series but I think this one is my favorite.  


  1. This cozy is exactly what I love to read. Great review! I like this author as well and will put this on my to read list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think I read one or two of this series in the beginning. I remember liking them, but went on to other things. This one sounds fun, so I'll put it on my list and perhaps pick it up before long.

  3. I've never read this author but I love the sound of a series. It's always great to find lots of books with a favored author.

  4. Oh you have me wanting to visit a tea shop in Charleston too. As usual you always show me that I should be reading more cozy mysteries than I do as this one sounds so tasty!!

  5. I agree, that is quite the unique, um, "accident" ha ha. A crossbow is original! It's funny, we had a really cool tea shop open up in one of the touristy harbor towns over here a few years ago, we went in there once and it was VERY cool and very cozy, but sadly they went out after a couple of years. A shame because it was a cool place.

  6. Oh my gosh, this looks adorable. I am totally obsessed with tea, so I think there is a lot I would love about this one. I've never been to Charleston, but I would love to go! I bet this book would make me want to go even more!

  7. I love this author so much. I'm on the blog tour for this one. I can't wait to read it.

  8. I love tea shops - this one sounds lovely. There is nothing better than sitting in a tea shop having a delicious cuppa while having a natter and eating a scrummy piece of cake!

  9. You've reminded me I need to read more of this series.

  10. Wow that is impressive that at 19 books you can still more or less jump in and do okay. Sounds fun!