Saturday, March 4, 2017

This Week in Reading - March 5

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

Nothing!  I got nothing!  I did start to go run and request some stuff once I realized my shelf was empty for the week but I restrained myself!  I'm hoping that I'll continue to make progress on reading down my review books.


Reading:  Bel of the Brawl by Maggie McConnon and I just started The Lake House by Kate Morton

Listening:  I finished Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty earlier this week and tomorrow I'm going to start Diamonds are Forever by Ian Fleming.

Watching:  I'm super excited that my guilty pleasure is back on!  I love Catfish on MTV and was almost giddy when it started back up this week.  We also finished up this season of Top Chef.  I was happy with who one but I did kind of want it to go the other way.  

Off the Blog:

Tonight (Saturday) we're going to go see the play Miss Nelson is Missing which is based off one of my favorite books as a child.  I'm super excited - far more than the Tornado though I think he'll enjoy it.  After that I think we'll be taking it easy for the rest of the weekend.  We all seem to be coming down with some kind of bug which I'm not real happy about.  Typically we don't get sick very often but the last little bit we've been struggling.  Does anyone else's teeth hurt when they're really congested?  My dentist says it's normal but the rest of my family looks at me like I'm a weirdo when I complain about it.

I tweaked a muscle at the gym earlier this week so I took a couple of days off.  I decided I wanted to do a few yoga videos so I tried Yoga with Adriene on Youtube.  I'd been hearing about her for awhile and the recommendations were not wrong - she's amazing!  There's a huge collection of videos and she's really easy to follow even for beginners.  I'm looking forward to trying some more on off days.

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday: Reviews from the Children's Section - Mandy
Tuesday: The 5s!
Wednesday: Home at Last - Contemporary Romance Review
Thursday: Bel of the Brawl - Cozy Mystery Review
Friday: Linkups with Current Book
Saturday: Sally's Baking Addiction - Cookbook Review

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Sometimes an empty mailbox allows us to really catch up with our reading.

    I love the look of The Roanoke Girls, and your review made me want to read it more. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your week.

  2. Hope you enjoyed the play! And Diamonds are Forever is one I'd be very curious about, to see how it compares w/ the movi version. Hope everyone feels better soon. There's been so much going around... hopefully with spring some of that will go away!

  3. Bel of the Brawl by Maggie McConnon and The Lake House by Kate Morton sound great. Looking forward to reading your reviews. :-D

  4. Enjoy the play. It sounds like it'll be a fun one in live-action mode. Glad you're healing well. I only tried yoga once, a prenatal DVD back in the day. I had no idea yoga did squats and lunges. My backside was sore for a few days, LOL.

  5. lol - It's funny how sometimes it feels like triumph when we DON'T get books. I've watched a few episodes of Catfish and found it amusing. Hope you enjoy the play! But, um, I have no idea what you mean about your teeth. :D

  6. Yay for restraint! And I hope you enjoy the play! And yes, my teeth hurt sometimes when I'm having sinus problems, when I have a headache, or even just when I'm tired and run down.

  7. The Lake House sounds like a great read. I've read some great things about it.
    I love Yoga. Unfortunately I can't really combine the Yoga classes with my job.
    Hope you all feel better soon! ;)

  8. Hope you'd fun at the play, and start to feel better soon!

  9. I love getting no books cause it's means I can play catch up on my review books. I hope you had fun at the play and every one in your house stays healthy this week, it's terrible time of year for bugs.

    Megan @reading away the days

  10. Hi Katherine, I need to start requesting again and get my reading lists sorted! I do have 2 more Netgalley books. How is The Lake House? Want to read it as well. And as you know, if you like it - so will I.

    Hope you all feel better soon. My husband also has flu, but I'm as right as rain. Thankfully. I actually managed to do a Sunday Post today...!

  11. Good for you, not requesting anything else when you have stacks to read. I just did the same. My to read list is overwhelming and I am starting to get to books already on my kindle or books stacked in the house.
    The Lake House was a good book, in my opinion. I like Kate Morton, she writes some fat books!

  12. I loved THE LAKE HOUSE. Hope you enjoy it a lot. And it will be fun to hear about your Miss Nelson play experience. Yes, my teeth or rather probably my jaw muscles hurt when I have sinus problems. Sometimes I'm not sure if I have a sinus headache, a toothache, an earache, or just clenched jaw muscles. I seem to hold a lot of tension in them. Hope everyone shakes off the bug and has a good week!

  13. Oh you did so good and I did so bad so I think I got enough for the both of us Be careful visiting my blog there are tempting books on there. ;) I am curious about Bond on audio but I hate how each book seems to have a different narrator, I like for series to keep the same person. :( Hope you are liking it!

    Take care and I hope you don't get to sick, maybe it will go away!
    Week in Review

  14. Good job on no new books. I really need to cut it out with the review books. I have way too many! Oh I was so torn on the Top Chef finale. I liked both bit I had a feeling the winner was going to win from the beginning. I think Tom just likes her more. Anyways hope you guys feel better and stay healthy . Have a great week!

  15. I've had an entirely empty mailbox this week, too. It helps keep the pressure at bay for a little bit though. :)
    I hope you enjoyed Serafina! I thought it was a little spooky considering the target age but still enjoyed it.
    Have a great week!

    Stacy Renee @ Lazy Day Literature

  16. My teeth hurt when I am really congested, too. I hate it! I guess I never considered it was something that I experience that others don't. lol

  17. Yay! I can't believe they are having a play on Miss Nelson is Missing! I loved that book too! I hope you enjoy the play!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!

  18. I hope you enjoyed the play. An empty shelf can be a good thing to give love to what we already have. I had almost an empty shelf. It's been a while since I had a ton of books. I am happy to read at the moment what I have :)

    Yes my teeth hurt when my sinuses are acting up. I hope you all feel better!

    Have a great week and Happy Reading! ox

  19. I might check out the yoga. I have quite a good iPad app but am always looking for something new. I think an empty bookshelf isn't always a bad thing,

  20. I think the empty bookshelf was a win!! You have beaten me to reading The Lake House, I hope to get to that very soon.

  21. I hope you enjoyed the play. You have good restraint not to request more than you can read. :-)

  22. We are excited about Catfish too. It's sad to see people get tricked but the show is addictive to watch. My teeth are sensitive to really cold things and sweets so I feel your pain. I can't wait to hear what you thought about Serafina and the Black Coat. I like the series and can't wait for the next book. I hope you feel better and enjoyed the play. Have a great week!

  23. Yay for resisting new books! I hope that my additions this week will be very light or none at all. Yes, my teeth hurt when I am congested. It is annoying but very normal.

  24. Good to know about Adriene on youtube! I'll look for her. Hope your muscle heals and you can get back to the gym.

  25. I've been thinking of taking up yoga, especially because I've got a muscle that is acting up. The empty shelf looks sad! But yay for resisting new books! I hope you have a great week.

  26. I hope you enjoyed the play. Gosh - Diamonds Are Forever... now there'a a blast from the past! I read that longer ago than I care to recall - I hope you enjoy it. I recall feeling a tad niggled at the way the women were portrayed.

  27. I hope you start feeling better soon! I've been having some joint pain and intense twinges of shooting pain down my femur. I want to start doing yoga. I think it will benefit me a lot. Perhaps that's where I'll start!

  28. Oh I have her videos bookmarked on Youtube! I hope you're feeling better and that yall had fun at the play :)