Saturday, December 17, 2016

52 Pins in 52 Weeks - November/December Edition Pt 1

I love Pinterest.  I love pinning recipes from my favorite food blogs or scrolling down the Everything section to see what everyone else has been pinning.  I love the idea of all the crafts and recipes and everything else right there at my fingertips.

Right now I have around 10,000 pins in 60 boards.  I do use Pinterest a pretty good bit but tend to stick to the boards regarding Dinner and let other delicious looking recipes or fun crafts languish unused and ignored.  This year I'm trying to get more use out of Pinterest so at the beginning of the year I created my 52 Pins in 52 Weeks Board as well as a Results Board to keep track of it.  I'll be posting my results the last Saturday of each month.

I'm catching up from missing November's pins.  This wasn't the most successful trying month but I did get some pins cleared off my boards and discovered a new main dish meal so that's a win!  I'm hoping to have Christmas-y pins next Saturday and then a few not-so Christmasy pins for the after Christmas Saturday!

Week 44

Pin: Striped Painting from

Why I Picked It: This was one of my earliest pins and I think I had originally pinned to recreate it for one of the girls' rooms.

Basic Idea: A stripy painting in a similar color palette

My Results: I didn't end up doing this.  I learned in the last painting project that things like this just really aren't for me.  Plus, the girls both have their own places now and this is really not my kind of thing.

Week 45

Why I Picked It: Because I love cupcakes and Oreos are one of the few things that everyone in the house will eat.

Basic Idea: Vanilla cake with chunks of Oreos mixed in and a cream cheese frosting topped with a mini Oreo

My Results: The frosting was delicious and not too sweet.  Definitely a frosting I will make again.  The cake was not as successful.  I had some misgivings when I saw the directions which involved adding the sugar last and not creaming it with the butter which is what I normally do but it came together and the batter tasted pretty good so what do I know?  Turns out my instincts were right as the cake was dense and almost bready in texture.

Week 46:

Why I Picked It: I like steak tips!  And for some reason I thought this was a slow cooker recipe.  It ended up being a stove top recipe but was still pretty simple.

Basic Idea: Browned steak tips simmered in a thick gravy with onions and mushrooms (though I left out the mushrooms)

My Results: Yum!  These were pretty tasty and while they took awhile to cook were pretty simple to put together.  I left out the mushrooms which I think would have added a little umph to the flavor.  I think I'd add a little red wine vinegar or something to add a little bit of acid and maybe double the gravy recipe so I'd have a little more sauce to eat up the steak tips with.  Mashed potatoes are delicious with this!

Week 47:

Why I Picked It: I have tons of boxes from my Birchbox subscription that I wanted to figure out something to do with it.

Basic Idea: Take the top of a thick cardboard box and wrap it in fabric.

My Results: Yeah this isn't in my skill set.  I couldn't get the fabric snug enough to be really smooth against the top and I think something went horribly wrong with my cutting.  I think this would look great if you're more crafty than me though!

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  1. I love that you commuted to such a large project as the 52 Ouns and you really stuck with it! Obviously if I lived close by and we shared meals, I would eat your share of mushroom, LOL.
    Those cupcakes look like a winner. Perfect for work functions but I am going to have to give the sweets a break for a little while.

    The fabric lid boxes could be a good thing for storage. I hate tossing out these nice boxes one gets with subscriptions like Birch Box.

  2. Pins.....not OUNS. It was autocorrect 😗

  3. I love this idea. I like pinterest, but I don't use it much. I should though. Fun post!

  4. I've really loved this project of yours. I hope you continue it in 2017, but totally understand if you are ready to take the pressure off!

    Too bad about the cupcakes -- the idea sounds great, though. I laughed at your fabric boxes (sorry) because I love the thought of that project, but I bet I'd have a horrible time too.

  5. This is a really great idea, and some of those projects are pretty dang neat. When I started with Pinterest, I had no idea what in the heck I was doing, then I realized it was this really great place to find ideas for some of outrageous color combinations. Then finding those fab recipes and other bloggers? Totally love it and this was a fantastic post! Hugs...

  6. Ha, you're sticking to your pins! My husband is always making negative comments about mushrooms, but I notice he eats them when they're incorporated into something yummy.

  7. I'm drooling at the thought of those steak tips and Oreo cupcakes. Fun hearing about your pins. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The steak tips sound good, I think it'd be delish with the mushrooms and the gravy. Not a huge fan of onions except on some dishes but I think this would be one. :)

  9. I love the boards to keep track of what you have done, I need to do this as a project to use my pins also, thanks for sharing this.

  10. Ahhh misses do happen. The cupcakes still sound pretty darn yummy!

  11. I will go and snag that cream cheese frosting recipe before I forget. We did fabric covered boxes in 4-H to keep our sewing supplies in. Did you glue the fabric to the flat surface before you started folding the corners? It anchors it so you can pull the corners tight. Now I want to make some. Ha ha. I just read on your Sunday post about the link-up and I am overjoyed!

  12. I have never, in all my 45+ years of baking (I was a child prodigy, lol!) heard of adding the sugar last to a baked good. But isn't it weird when a batter tastes good and then the finished product is disappointing?