Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Holiday Gift - Holiday Romance Review

The Holiday Gift (Cowbowys of Cold Creek) by RaeAnne Thayne (Amazon link)

Rating: Good
Source: NetGalley

Description: With two kids and an active life, widow Faith Dustin only wants peace and quiet for Christmas. But her snowy Pine Gulch ranch is nothing but chaotic. All that keeps Faith going is her helpful neighbor, cowboy Chase Brannon. He's always been "good ol' Chase," her faithful friend. Until he kisses her under the mistletoe…
Years ago Chase blew his chance with the woman he's loved since childhood. Now he's determined to step out of the friend zone…and into the role of husband. But the scared and stubborn Faith won't let herself fall. With Christmas just days away, Chase will need all the magic of the season—and the help of her two matchmaking children—to unwrap a second chance at love.

Genre: Romance - Contemporary

Why I Picked This Book:  I always enjoy Thayne's books and her holiday books are especially good.  Plus, I had enjoyed meeting Faith in last year's book which centered on her sister Celeste.

My Impression:  I always find Thayne's Christmas stories the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and while this was no exception here it definitely was not my favorite of books.
I like be Faith and her family and Chase and his daughter were super cute.  Watching Chase and Faith interact and the support that exudes from the rancher community was really special.  I always enjoy the children that Thayne puts into her stories.  Sometimes they're on the perfect side but they are never sugary sweet and in this story they were a very real reason for Faith to be careful with getting involved with Chase.
While Faith and Chase are interesting and truly nice people there were a few times I was frustrated with Faith's extreme hesitation to move forward in her life and Chase at times felt a little repetitive.  

Overall, this is an enjoyable read but not one I'd recommend starting the series. I think readers will enjoy this book more if they are already invested in the sisters by reading Celeste (A Cold Creek Christmas Story) or Hope's (The Christmas Ranch) books.

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?: Absolutely!  While this wasn't my favorite I still enjoyed it and can't wait for the next book

Would I Recommend this Book?: I would recommend this series and definitely recommend this author for anyone who enjoys romance with low heat and a focus on the emotional relationship but I don't think this is the book to start with.  It's s good read but not her best in my opinion'


  1. I keep meaning to try out Thayne's books, especially her holiday ones. I think she has one about a children's book writer. Or maybe she's an illustrator. I'm glad you enjoyed this, even if it wasn't amazing.

  2. This sounds like such a cute read. I'm a sucker for holiday reads.

  3. Hmm my finger hovered over the Cold Creek one on Audible last night, but I had just returned a book I thought was silly so I wasn't game to go for something I wasn't sure of, but I really must give her a go with the Christmas ones.

  4. I haven't started this series yet so I'm waiting on this one but I agree Thayne is great for getting into the holiday spirit.