Saturday, December 31, 2016

52 Pins in 52 Weeks - 2016 Conclusion

Whew!  2016 is coming to a close and with it is the end of this year's 52 Pins in 52 Weeks project.  I ended up finishing only 49 because unforeseen events and some time management issues got in the way.  However, I think I learned a lot and I'm really excited to continue this project in 2017 - hopefully with some of you linking up! I'm going to add the 3 I didn't complete so it will actually be 55 pins in 52 weeks but I'm hoping I've learned a few lessons to make it work out.  In 2017 I'll be making this a linkup on the last Saturday of every month.  I'm hoping that you join me by trying some of your pins and showing how it went!

My original goal for this project was to tackle some of the pins that had been setting ignored and neglected for way too long but in the end I think I got a little more out of it than just using up the pins so here are a few things I've learned along the way.

What I've Learned:

1.  While other people are able to do put some paint on a canvas and have it look good I am not one of those people.  And even if was it doesn't tend to be something I'd really want to hang up on my wall.

2.  I need to plan WAY in advance for crafts.  I'm not good at getting them completed or um... starting them at a moments notice.

3.  Trust my instincts.  While it's always fun to take a risk with flavor combinations or new to me methods if I think there's too much extract and not enough fresh ingredients in a recipe  or if I feel like the batter will be too bready I'm probably right.

4.  I really don't have to do every pin I pin.  Sometimes - especially early on - I just got caught up in the fun of pinning and just because something looks cute doesn't mean I have to do do it if it isn't something I'd enjoy.  It's okay to delete those pins.

Changes I want to make going forward:

1.  Plan, plan, and plan some more.  The reason a lot of these pins are sitting there neglected is because they take time to prepare or at least be thought out ahead of time.  If there is something I want to do I need to actually take the time to plan it out.

2.  Do more holiday or seasonal pins.  The Tornado just turned 7 and I feel like the end of his enjoyment of seasonal type projects and food is within sight.  If I want Easter bunny bark to be part of his Easter or whatever I need to actually get to doing it and I need to start soon.

3.  Get better about cleaning out pins.  I love Pinterest and pinning and all of that BUT having so many pins means things get lost.  When a pin doesn't work I need to start making an effort to delete it quickly so that I clear some space and don't attempt it again!

4.  Don't plan to get any pins accomplished between Christmas and New Years.  It just isn't going to happen.

I'm using today to pin 52 things I want to try in 2017 and make sure all the flops from last year are deleted.  I'm looking forward to getting started on another fun year of not just pinning but attempting!


  1. Before I forget, there is an Agatha Christie novel, And the. There Were None, on sale for kindle for $1.99 at Amazon today.

    Personally I think you did an excellent job getting your projects selcevted and working on them. I have had New Years goals to get a project done and it fizzles. You worked it through the year so congrats! Even the ones you felt you bombed we're learning experiences.

  2. I loved reading your Pinterest posts, and they were a constant reminder to check pins that I had saved. I hold no illusions that I won't get things done that I've pinned, which is why I have boards called 'Christmas things I'll never get to' and 'Crafts I'll never do'.
    I find the key to not getting overwhelmed is to subdivide boards that get too big, especially recipes. Like when I found myself saving more crochet ideas, they came out of Crafts I'll Never Do and became Crochet Stuff.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Do you mind if I join you in this effort in 2017? In a lot of ways, I've given up on pinning because I can never find the things I want since I have so many things on my boards. I'm thinking I need to start new boards for a lot of the categories that just include recipes (or crafts) I've made and want to do again, leaving the original boards for things to try.

  4. It's easy to get lost down that rabbit hole, which is Pinterest, but you made a great effort! It was fun to read about them. I agree that if you need to narrow down your group because of planning, materials, and time... I think focusing on seasonal and holidays can be fun. The little Tornado might be able to give you a hand in some if you spark his interest. Enjoy and thanks for sharing all these this year.

  5. You know I discovered Pinterest this year and I have to say... it's a fun place and there is SO much there. I could seriously lose hours to that site. While I don't do the crafty stuff so much I imagine there's a TON. Good luck with this one again in '17!

  6. Good luck with your Pinterest project. I need to try and use Pinterest more...but I keep saying that and then don'

  7. Katherine, you do not know how excuted I am for this! I am even excited to post about my flops, ha ha. Thanks for stressing the "plan ahead". I am really on and off about this factor. I am going to be making my board for this either tomorrow, or Monday. Because I have a beautiful slow cooker I have had for ten years anbd it is still in the box, I think I am going to try and do one crockpot recipe a month. It will force me to pull it out of the cupboard.

    You are right about the kids and the fun holiday projects. I miss all of that so much. One thing I have to put on my board is May Day cones. I keep wanting to do them with the two girls I babysit. I have such fond memories of doing them as a child, and I only managed to do it once with Baz. :)

  8. It has been a lot of fun keeping track of your monthly posts of everything you have attempted. I don't use Pinterest even though I have an account but I love seeing all of the results. Looking forward to next year!