Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Dead Room - Review

 The Dead Room (Harrison Investigations #4) by Heather Graham

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Source: Library

Description:  A year ago, archaeologist, Leslie MacIntyre barely survived the explosion that took the life of her fiance, Matt Connolly.  In the long months since, she's slowly come to terms not only with her loss but with her unsettling new ability to communicate with ghosts, a dubious "gift" received in the wake of her own brush with death.  Now she's returned to lower Manhattan's historic Hastings House, site of the explosion, to conquer her fears and investigate a newly discovered burial ground.  In this place restless spirits hold the secrets not only of past injustice but of a very real and very contemporary conspiracy with deadly designs on the city's women - including Leslie herself.  By night Matt visits her in her dreams, warning her and offering clues to the truth, while by day she finds herself helped by - and attracted to - his flesh-and-blood cousin Joe. As is drawn closer to the darkness at the heart of Hastings House, she must ultimately face the power of an evil mind, alone in a place where not even the men she loves can save her. (from Goodreads)

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Why I Picked This Book: How can I resist old houses, ghosts, archaeology and Heather Graham?

My Impression:  As is the norm with any Heather Graham book this one is easily read as a stand alone.  You do see some characters from previous books but the story itself is completely unrelated.  As is also the norm with any Heather Graham book I was immediately drawn into the story and the atmosphere is wonderfully drawn.  There are really two plots going at once.  The first surrounds Leslie, an urban archaeologist, who has always had a knack for knowing where to look but since her fiance's death in an explosion is even better.  Because now Leslie can see ghosts but not the one she wants to see the most - her fiance Matt.  When a project recalls her to the scene of Matt's death she is trying to solve the mystery of his death, the house and really just connect with him.  The second mystery involves a series of prostitutes who have disappeared off the streets as well as a social worker who was working with the girls.  When Matt's cousin Joe is hired to investigate this brings him into contact with Leslie.

Now that it's been a day or so since I finished this book I'm realizing that there were a few loose ends that didn't get tied up and a few issues that just didn't make the most sense.  However, when I was reading this one and even immediately after I finished it none of that occurred to me.  I was so caught up in the atmosphere and the characters and wondering what was going to happen next that it made for a fantastic read even if the story itself had some flaws.  Leslie and Joe were interesting characters and I was fascinated by the concept of a city under a city and urban archaeology as a whole.

While there is a HEA it was definitely an unusual one.  I wasn't clear how Graham was going to wrap up the story but I was satisfied with the way it ended.  While this isn't one I would recommend if you're looking for a tight mystery if you want a good read with lots of atmosphere and interesting characters this is definitely a fun one!

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?: Well yes - I always enjoy a Heather Graham book even with the flaws.

Would I Recommend this Book?:  For a light read - absolutely!


  1. You have mentioned Heather Graham books before and j placed her name in my to-read notebook but im not sure about this one.
    You are a fan though I want to try her work!

  2. I seriously cannot resist ghost stories. I don't know what it is about them, but I just love them so much. I definitely need to look into this one, even if some parts weren't really wrapped up.

  3. It has been awhile since I've read Heather's books. I am glad to know this stands alone well.

  4. I don't know this series...I must go investigate. :) Another series for the TBR pile. :)

  5. It does sound so intriguing. Sadly I've never read any of her books, but I love this genre.

  6. I've read stories like that where I didn't pick up on the holes and other problems until after finishing. I figure the story has to be good if it caught you enough so that you don't notice the problems right away.

    I don't think I've read any in this series but this one is tempting.

  7. I do enjoy Graham's books! They aren't perfect, but they are enjoyable and I can't seem to resist them. :-) This does sound good even with the flaws you mention.