Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Day in the Life - 3/19/15

I'm linking up with Trish over at Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity for A Day in the Life Blogger Event.  The linkup is actually tomorrow but I'm posting today.  I recorded March 19 because we've been out of town for most of this week.  This is a fairly typical day for me.  The 9 to 12 changes sometimes but the rest is pretty standard.  Exciting I am not!

2:15 - The Tornado wakes up after upsetting his water glass all over him.  I get him changed into dry pajamas and make sure his bed is dry which thankfully it is.  I get him tucked back in and head back to bed.

2:45 - I look at the clock and realize I've been tossing and turning for 30 minutes.

6:00 - At some point I had thankfully fallen back in sleep.  The Tornado wakes up and climbs in bed with me saying he wants to snuggle.  This morning snuggle is code for asking questions but eventually he quiets down.

7:30 - Paul texts to ask if he can drive to school.  This is his first morning driving but it was supposed to rain so we had told him he had to check with us because if it was pouring and really wet he wasn't going to be driving.  The roads are a little wet but not too bad so he's on his way.

7:35 - J leaves for work.

7:40 - I finally come to the surface to realize that it's now 40 minutes past when I wanted to get up and roll out of bed.  I head down and make coffee and check my email on my phone while the machine is going.  The Tornado is still sound asleep so I decide that instead of using this time to get some blog work done I'm going to appreciate this rare treat of a quiet morning and watch TV while I drink my coffee.  I turn on yesterday's The Chew and curl up on the couch with my coffee.

8:10 - The Tornado comes downstairs and snuggles up next to me.  We sit for a few minutes and then he wants to watch his morning show.  I turn it to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and do some review cross-posting.

8:25 - He's now awake enough to eat breakfast (we're not morning people) so I make him his breakfast (oatmeal), then make his lunch for school.  You know those really fun looking Bento box lunch ideas where the kid eats something new every day?  So not my kid.  He gets his usual lunch of a cheese sandwich, goldfish (but only the ones in the green bag), and 2 Hershey kisses.

8:35 - His lunch box is on the counter.  I go pick out his clothes and lay them out then remind him to do his jobs before I go upstairs to get ready.  I wash my face, brush my hair, put on make up, etc.  I don't have to go anywhere today and it's a cleaning day so clothes are yoga pants and a tshirt.

9:00 - The Tornado has eaten breakfast, gotten dressed, put the dog up and made his bed but didn't put his bowl in the dishwasher.  We're running late so I ignore that and get his shoes and socks on and then out the door to school.

9:25 - The Tornado is now successfully dropped off. I get home to an empty house as Emma had to go into school early to make a test.  I sit down to do a little blog work before I get going.

10:20 - What was supposed to be half an hour of blogwork turned into almost an hour.  I talk myself into a 10 minute barre3 workout before starting the stuff that needs to get done today.

10:30 - Finish workout and get stuff together for cleaning.  Clean upstairs, fold a load of laundry, unload dishwasher, rotate laundry, clean family room and kitchen table.

12:15 - Make and eat lunch.  Input calories into my phone app.  Straighten up kitchen and put cleaning supplies away.

12:45 - Go pick up the Tornado from school.  Realize in carline that I forgot to take my allergy medicine this morning because my eyes are starting to itch like crazy.

1:10 - Get home.  I check the mail and got an ARC that I've been looking forward to (thanks Bea for letting me know about this one!).  Go through the Tornado's backpack and have him put it up.  Get him a snack and let him pick a show (we seem to be in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse mood lately).

1:20 - Take allergy medicine before the eye itchiness makes me lose my mind.  Go put up laundry and realize I forgot to clean ceiling fan in master bedroom.  Do the Pinterest pillowcase trick.  Rotate laundry.  Move chairs out of dining room.  Vacuum and dust.  Give the Tornado 5 minutes more to play school bus on the lined up chairs and then put them back in the dining room.  Put vacuum cleaner and dusting stuff up.  J calls in the middle of this so I talk to him for a minute.  I resist the urge to go hide with my Kindle for awhile and also add clean dining room carpet to To Do list.

2:30 - Allergy medicine thankfully has kicked in so my eyes have stopped itching.  The Tornado gets out his Legos and I sit down at the computer to get some blog work done.  I go to NetGalley to download an approval that came through earlier today and try to resist checking the new titles.  Start review for Serbian cookbook and for a blog tour that's happening on Monday.  I'm also answering questions.  Lots of questions.  Between me being sick and other general craziness of the last few weeks the Tornado is out of the habit of playing on his own.

3:00 - Print out recipe for dinner and then assemble parts and get them in the crockpot.  We're having Honey Bourbon Crock Pot Chicken and later I'll make the Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes later.

3:30 - Crockpot is going and I take a page out of Gretchen Rubin's Better Than Before handbook and straighten up my desk.  I take up the pile of books that's been sitting there and use the moment to read a little on the Kindle.  The Tornado finds me and I end up reading a book to him.

4:00 - Emma comes running in and changes for work than runs out.  I'm very grateful that I don't have to drive her around anymore.

4:15: I wasted a few minutes flipping through my calendar and realized that I don't have a book fora  blog tour that's coming up in a couple of weeks.  Shoot a quick email to another tour participant.  Then the Tornado and I pick up his Legos.  Paul comes in and we talk about how driving to school went than the Tornado and I do a few puzzles.

5:30 - I go peel potatoes and put them onto boil while the Tornado plays some more.  Paul leaves for soccer practice and once again I'm grateful I don't have to drive the older ones anymore.

5:45 - J comes home.  The Tornado picks out a show to watch - once again Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I finish making the potatoes, heat up the naan and make the sauce for the chicken.

6:15 Dinner - the chicken is pretty good.  I use chicken breasts instead of thighs and leave out the sesame seeds.  I do need 3 tablespoons of cornstarch to thicken up the sauce but everyone seems to like it.

7:20 - I finish getting the kitchen cleaned up and do a little blog visiting while the Tornado heats his dessert of Hershey kisses.

7:30 - I read the Tornado a story.  Paul comes in from practice and heats up his plate from dinner.

7:50 - Go take a bath and read a few chapters of my current print book (Hideaway Cove by Anna Sullivan)

8:30 - Come downstairs and talk J into working on a puzzle.  We've been trying to do things other than watch TV at night.  I thought this would be a fun chance to talk and stuff.  It turns out we are serious puzzle solvers.  There was no talking but it was fun.  Emma gets home from work around 9 and we talk to her for a minute.

9:45 - Stop the puzzle for the night and have some cake

10:15 - Head upstairs and get in bed.  Time for Kindle reading.

11:50 - I realize I've read the same paragraph 4 times and have no idea what it says.  It's bedtime!


  1. I'm amazed that you manage to keep up your blog, let alone do all your reviews! Superwoman! And the Tornado is one cutie!

  2. I'm recording mine today (last minute, yay!) and wow, it's so detailed. Might need to edit.

  3. Oh yay, I'm glad you got the book! I'm looking forward to your review and tour stop. You are a busy lady!

  4. I've never understood why some people who work outside the home think those of us who work at home (as parents and/or self-employed) aren't busy. You certainly are! And yes, the Tornado is adorable.

  5. So much cleaning! I'm not feeling rather guilty for the lack of cleaning that goes on in my house (though I am better about it when I am home...yesterday I got almost the entire kitchen swept!). Those pictures of Tornado are precious. They're always so sweet when they're sleeping, huh? And I snorted a bit at the puzzle comment--at least you were spending time together? I love puzzles, too, but not sure I could talk Scott into giving up TV for one.

  6. Oh wow you have a full day. If I did this, I don't know if I'd sound like I did anything. lol. Adorable tornado you have there. lol.

  7. For anonmorning person, you are able to fit so much into your day. Would the Tornado be open to using a plastic, reusable water bottle at night when he's thirsty? I love snuggling with a child. Unfortunately, we don't have time for that. I have a little "Peeping Booty" that wakes up a half an hour before we leave for school. She needs 11 hours and sleeps like she's hibernating.

  8. Sounds like a busy day! And Mmm potatoes. I'm working on one of Sullivan's books too. About halfway through with it :)

  9. You had a long busy day and I'm amazed by how detailed it all is. This was such an interesting post, I love the day in a life premise.

  10. Hi Katherine,

    Wow! What seems like one busy day, is probably just normal for you and the tornado!

    Thankfully I don't have to do the children parts, so I thought that my own day, if shown in the same way, would appear quite sedentary and boring. But when I broke down everything in my head and made a quick note of everything I did yesterday, I realised why I was so tired last night and why with a terrible night's sleep under my belt, I feel so rough this morning!

    6am, Time for breakfast and an early morning caffeine fix :)

    Have a great weekend,


  11. Blimey you have a very busy day indeed! I am in admiration of all that you get through!

  12. Wait, what's the pinterest pillowcase trick?

    1. Basically you take a pillow case and slip it over 1 blade on the fan and slip it off. Sometimes you have to rub a little if your ceiling fan (like mine!) gets neglected. All the dust falls into the pillowcase and then you just toss it into the wash. It works pretty well!

  13. What a busy day! I love that you and your husband work on a puzzle together during your downtime at night - I'd love to do the same, but the two cats would make it impossible. It sounds like such a good way to wind down from the day. And yes, what's the Pinterest pillowcase hack?

  14. Wow!! What a full day! I love the nick The Tornado. My kids were pretty low key at that age. I did have to keep an eye on them of course but they were easy to keep entertained. Right now it's just me driving all over heck and waiting around for them that takes up my free hours.

  15. Wow!! What a full day! I love the nick The Tornado. My kids were pretty low key at that age. I did have to keep an eye on them of course but they were easy to keep entertained. Right now it's just me driving all over heck and waiting around for them that takes up my free hours.

  16. Loved reading about your day! Your pics of your little one are precious. And I laughed about his lunch. I had one like that too - turkey sandwich every single day - except when the school served hamburgers or pizza. Then she bought lunch. And you heat up the kisses? Don't they melt? Oh, and one more thing - what's the Pinterest trick? OK, that's all. Sympathy for the allergies. Itchy eyes are my clue as well. Cleaning house doesn't help. LOL

  17. Thank you for letting us spend a day with you, Katherine. You are so busy! I was just thinking how I wish my husband and I could have more time together during the week to talk--but, although it isn't the same as one on one time, we do e-mail and text each other throughout the day. I love the idea of you two doing a puzzle together in the evening.

  18. I'm curious about the pinterest pillowcase trick, too! You sound really organized about everything. It's so interesting to see the way everyone tackles the different things they do each day. I have a little guy who's probably about the same age as your little boy and he's a big Mickey Mouse clubhouse fan, too. :)

  19. I feel like the dedication of your son to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse makes you and I kindred spirits.

  20. You fit a lot into your day! I feel like I dont get that much accomplished. I have been trying to be better about cleaning. I am better than I used to be but not where I want to be, if that makes sense.

  21. I love that you call your kiddo The Tornado :) Hilarious! Probably extremely fitting.

  22. I like that "better than before" idea. What a cutie your guy is.

  23. That is the cutest Tornado I've ever seen! Also, I LOL'd at your description of his lunch. That sounds like something I would do if I had a little one. I just can't see myself being a bento box packer, I'd be all about the cheese sammich!

  24. Oh my goodness, that allergy medicine can really make or break the day, can't it??

    How do you like the barre3 workout? I'm looking to find a few good workouts that I can do while the little girl naps.

  25. The Tornado is adorable, and I love his nickname. It conjures an image of the Tasmanian devil manically whirling around. :-) When my son was little, and was a bundle of non-stop energy, I privately referred to him as Tigger on Crack.

  26. I loved Better than Before!! and wow, does your day include a lot of cleaning. When my husband and I decided it was important enough to add to the budget, we got a cleaning person who comes every other week. So mostly my cleaning routine just includes tidying up which I do rather quickly. I also love how you make blogging time happen throughout your day!

  27. I have Better Than Before on my TBR stack -- time to get to it!

  28. Looks like a fun, full day! I'm impressed with all the cleaning... I don't have kids, but I rarely clean anyway. It's just the most boring. Thanks for sharing your day!

  29. I'd totally eat your son's lunch. :-) Cheese and chocolate are staples of my diet.

  30. Chiming in with everyone else--the Tornado is a great name, and how much does he heat the chocolate kisses?

  31. Chiming in with everyone else--the Tornado is a great name, and how much does he heat the chocolate kisses?

  32. I'm a pretty serious puzzle-doer, too, but haven't pulled one out in ages. My kid is finally big enough to not eat the pieces, though, so maybe I should start back again. And I like the sleeping Tornado picture... they're so sweet when they finally slow down for the day.