Monday, March 24, 2014

Uganda Be Kidding Me - Review

Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler

Rating: 2 Stars

Description:  This is essentially Chelsea Handler's version of a travel book.  The first half is about a trip to Africa while the rest talk about a trip to Switzerland, Montenegro and about how she travels in the U.S.

Genre: Humor

My Impression:  While I was reading this book I started coming up with lists Chelsea Handler would be featured on - like top 5 people I wouldn't want to be stuck in an elevator with, or top 5 people I would never ever want to be related too, top 5 people I would never want to work for or have work for me.  She was number 1 on this list.  She comes off as self-centered, vulgar and massively immature in this book which I suspect was her intention.  I enjoyed the first part of the book which is cringe-worthy but funny and the story of the repercussions of the African trip experienced during a morning swim in the Bahamas were probably the most vulgarly awful yet funny thing I've ever read.  However, after that things kind of begin to wander.  The trip to Switzerland had some pretty funny elements but didn't feel particularly well put together, the trip to Montenegro wasn't really even a story and the rest of the book felt like she had to write 75 more pages so she spent the time telling the reader how much money she had and that she liked to drink.  The first half of the book is a fun read, the second half feels like she had a page number minimum.

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?:  Probably not

Would I Recommend this Book?:  If you're a huge Chelsea Handler fan than read it.  If you're just looking for an entertaining read try something else.


  1. I am not even sure I know who Chelsea Handler is. My friend just told she has a talk show. So much for my knowledge of current pop culture. :-)

    From the sound of it, I wouldn't like this book at all.

    1. You're not missing much. She had a sitcom that lasted maybe half a season and that was way too long. It was really awful. The only thing I've really liked her in was the genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are? Not sure that says much about my grasp on pop culture!

  2. I've read her other books and die laughing at many parts. She has a sick sense of humor that I enjoy. I never read her stuff with any other intentions than to be briefly entertained. I am so intrigued with the first half of this book!