Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Quick Guide to Home Organizing - Review

The Quick Guide to Home Organizing by Sandra Felton

Rating: 3 Stars

Description:  This is a strategy to reorganize your home and your life in 40 days. There is a new chore or mindset presented each day with examples from the author or people she has worked with.

Genre: Non-Fiction

My Impression:  Many organization books and websites present you with a plan and if you don't do it that way than you'll never be organized.  I really liked that Felton provided multiple ideas but really stressed finding what works best for you and taking the time to not only do so but to reevaluate the system   Much of the book is readjusting your mindset and just your way of doing things.  She advocates cleaning up quickly and keeping things simple which I think will stick around in daily life much better than a complicated system.  The only thing that didn't work for me is she talked a lot about entertaining.  This is strictly a personal thing as I'm sure the advice was very good but entertaining is not high up on my list of reasons why I want to be more organized.  Most of the information wasn't completely new or groundbreaking but all of it was useful and I liked that her message was "Find what works for you" instead of "Do it my way".

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?:  Yes

Would I Recommend this Book?:  Yes, especially to those who are feeling overwhelmed or disorganized.

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  1. I appreciate when the authors uses the do what works not do as I say method.