Friday, March 14, 2014

This Week in Reading

I managed to get all the books I was reading last Friday finished by this Friday!  

What I Read:

I really enjoyed this one.  I thought the characters felt like actual teenagers.  There was some angst and some out of proportion reactions but that's kind of what it's like to be 15 even if you don't have the ability to read minds.  I liked that both the good and bad were shown.  Emma borrowed the book and got through it in about a day and enjoyed it as well.  I may do a give away in the next couple of weeks for this one so keep a look out if you're interested.

This is one of her stand alone books from the 1930s and one of the first that is published under 2 titles causing confusion for anyone trying to read all of Agatha's books.  This is a really fun one where we're starting to see more of the traditional Agatha format.  There's less espionage adventure and more carefully plotted locked room style murder.  Review will be up when I read the other 3 books.

This was a cute mystery if you like cozies and cupcakes which I do.  The characters have some childish behavior that gets a little annoying.  So far I think her library series is way better.  The review should be up sometime in the next couple of weeks.  This was the 2nd in the Cupcake series.

I'm not sure how I feel about this series.  It feels like a cozy.  Cutesy writing, small town setting and then goes and deals with things like drug and human trafficking, corrupt police and suicide.  But then handles those lightly.  It's an interesting series but I think I may like her Agatha Raisin books a little better.  Review will be up Monday.

What I'm Reading:

Have you ever started a book that had a lot of promise and you were really enjoying it and then halfway through you were so annoyed that you just wanted to put it down?  That's how I am with this book.  This series has a lot of promise but unless Honor gets her act together I'm going to spend the rest of this book being very annoyed.

This is a really good one and one of my favorites.  It's been nice to read a little of it when Honor from the above book is driving me crazy.

This is another book I started because I had to get away from Honor for a little bit.  I have mixed feelings about Chelsea Handler - sometimes I think she's really funny other times she just seems a little too over the top with the self involved high maintenance stuff.  So far this book has not helped make up my mind whether I like her or not.

I haven't so much started this as moved it off of the shelf onto the top of my nightstand.  Sheila Connolly is one of my favorite mystery authors so I have high hopes.  This also goes towards the TBR challenge, Cozy challenge and Ireland challenge so it's a multi-purpose book.

What's I've Been Distracted By:

Actually not too much though I've been going to bed earlier which has been significantly impacting my reading.  I'm doing the TBR readathon this weekend so hopefully I can get some more read!  Sleep is optional right?

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