Friday, March 21, 2014

This Week in Reading

What I Read This Week -

So I wasn't a huge Chelsea Handler fan before reading this book and this didn't really improve things for me.  I probably won't be searching out her other books.  The review will be up Monday.

Loved this one!  Ireland, the past, a woman trying to find her place, a good murder mystery and all written by Sheila Connolly who is one of my favorite mystery authors! Totally and completely lived up to its potential.  Review up Thursday.

This is the 2nd in a series involving a mod-style Doris Day loving interior designer.  It was an interesting read and there were some fund tidbits about that kind of vintage style.  I'm definitely going to have to dig up the 1st in the series.  Review will be up April 2nd.

Eh - strong writer, annoying character.  I really wanted to love it because I love London's writing style but Honor was a little too annoying for me.  I will definitely continue with this series though.  Review up Saturday.

Another one of my favorite Christie's with a fantastic plot twist.  The 2nd of the stand alones that were published in the 1930s.  Two more to go before the review.

What I'm Reading -

I've tried this one a few times and was never able to get into it.  I figure I'll give it one more good reading session and if I'm still not interested I'll give up.

I love this series but so far Dallas is not my favorite character.  For starters her name is Dallas.  I do like the other characters in the series so I'll keep going with this one.  

Another fantastic Christie!  This is one of my favorites and one I feel is really overlooked.

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