Friday, March 28, 2014

This Week in Reading

What I Read - 

This was a fun lightweight read about Barron's horribly awkward childhood/adolescence and 20s.  The review will be up tomorrow.

I'm still not sure what I think about this one.  I think if I liked steampunk and dystopian style books I'd have loved it.  As it is once I really started reading it I kept wanting to pick it back up and read a little bit more.  The review will be up Monday.

What I'm Reading -

Still reading this one, still not loving it.  I just don't particularly care for the whole movie star lead character.  I'll keep reading this because I've already invested some time in this series but if this was a stand alone I'd probably have given up by now.

To be honest I requested this one because I liked the cover.  So far it's a pretty good mystery.  It's set in Canada so I'm still trying to get my brain used to the RCMP acronym meaning police.

This is supposed to take a deeper look at why a clean home is important.  At this point it's a little more spiritual than I expected.

I'm very intrigued by this one but so far it hasn't really grabbed me. I still have high hopes though.

About halfway done with this one and am enjoying it.  This probably isn't my favorite of the early Christie's but it's still pretty good.

What I've Been Distracted By -

Going on vacation does not lend itself to lots of reading when one is travelling with a 4 year old!  Hope to get most of the ones I've started finished up by next week though.  Especially the Stewart.

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