Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Mirror Crack'd - Classic Mystery Review

Goodreads: The Mirror Crack'd by Agatha Christie

Rating: Loved It!
Source:   Purchased

Description:  One minute, silly Heather Badcock had been gabbling on at her movie idol, the glamorous Marina Gregg. The next, Heather suffered a massive seizure. But for whom was the deadly poison really intended?

Marina’s frozen expression suggested she had witnessed something horrific. But, while others searched for material evidence, Jane Marple conducted a very different investigation – into human nature.
Genre: Mystery- Classic

My Impression:  I really loved this one.  This is set in St. Mary Mead but it's a new St. Mary Mead with new people coming in and "the Development" encroaching on the village.  But the biggest news in this small village is that Gossington Hall once owned by Col and Mrs. Bantry has been bought by a famous American movie star, Marina Gregg.  Miss Marple is older and frailer then we've seen her before and frustrated by her limitations - especially since it means being saddled with the well meaning but hovering Miss Knight.  Her responses to Miss Knight's questions had me laughing.

This is a mystery I remember clearly so I wasn't surprised by how it worked out but I really enjoyed seeing it all worked out.  This mystery is very loosely based on an event in the actress Gene Tierney's life (don't look it up until after you've read it!) and there quite a bit of development of Marina Gregg.  I loved Cherry and I loved seeing Miss Marple investigate in a slightly different manner.  This was a great read and this is one I always enjoy revisiting.  

Would I Read More of this Series/Author? Of course!  I already have the next book ready.

Would I Recommend this Book?   Absolutely!  This might be one of my favorite Miss Marple books.  


  1. I've yet to read an Agatha Christie. Maybe this one should be the one I start with...

  2. I love everything Miss Marple.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. Sounds like a good one. I don't think I read this one yet.

  4. I really must read some Agatha Christie! I love the sound of this one.

  5. Now this one is one I could read. Even just for the questions Miss Knight asked Miss Marple!

  6. I guess I should try an Agatha Christie novel, so I can say I have! Which one would you recommend? 🕵