Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Ten Books on My TBR Set In Summer

One of the things I'm trying to do is to read a little more seasonally.  It's always a little more fun to read a book set around the time of year I'm currently in (unless I'm tired of being cold and then I pick up one set on the beach in July!) so I'm working on keeping a list of books on my TBR that are set around certain holidays and seasons.  So today I'm looking at books that are set in summer and around the 4th of July.  

1.  Plot Boiler by Ali Brandon - Books and cats and a fantastic cozy title.  How can I resist?

2.  Clammed Up by Barbara Ross - A clambake in Maine with lots of family drama and some murder.

3.  Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress by Traci Wilton - I don't know a huge amount about this series but I've seen it around quite a bit and I love the titles!

4.  Independence Slay by Shelley Freydont - This series involves a small town that is always having a festival for something and unfortunately also seems to have a surprisingly high crime rate. 

5.  Gone with the Whisker by Laurie Cass - This series has been on my TBR forever and this one looks really fun!

6.  Dead, White and Blue by Carolyn Hart - Carolyn Hart has been around for ages but I can't remember if I've ever read a book by her and this series looks fun.

7.  Bowled Over by Victoria Hamilton - This series involves vintage kitchen stuff which sounds interesting and also like it's going to send me on vintage kitchen stuff searches.  

8.  Live and Let Fly by Clover Tate - This is a cozy mystery involving the owner of a kite store which just screams summer.  

9.  Gone Gull by Donna Andrews - Not only is this one of my favorite series but the title just makes me smile.

10. Bushel Full of Murder by Paige Shelton - This series is set around a farmer's market and this one is set right in the middle of summer.

Do you like reading seasonally?  What books are on your summer list?


  1. I like to read seasonally too. Sometimes it doesn't turn out that way because of blog tours and scheduled reviews but I always enjoy reading books set around whatever season I happen to be in. You gave an excellent list. Some of those are on my TBR.

  2. Hi Katherine! I like to do the exact opposite! I'll read summery books in winter and wintery books in summer. So I'll take a look at your list seeing that it's dreadfully cold here with us!

    I've been a bit absent lately, busy with stuff at home - but it's all good! Just miss you guys!

    Elza Reads

  3. I do like to read seasonally when it works out. Mostly I haven't taken the time to figure out when a book in a series is set like you have. Thanks for the list!

  4. I tend not to read seasonally, as I am opposite in seasons to what is published in the north. I tend to gather though and then read as I feel. Christmas books are nice around Christmas but truly I'll read them at any time of the year!

  5. I usually read seasonally although those Christmas books release earlier and earlier every year so I end up starting to read them in early Fall.

  6. I love that these are all different genres. I love summer settings :)

  7. I love the Gone Gull title too! So cute. I enjoy reading seasonally.

  8. Usually I read books to escape where I am so, lots of cooler settings such as Ireland, England & anyplace snowy.

  9. I know a few of the authors but not the series associated with them but most are ones I don't know. Hope you enjoy them all!

  10. I haven't read anything by any of these authors. I need to up my cozy game!