Saturday, July 31, 2021

Life with Leukemia (And Some Reading) - August 1st

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

So I was minutes away from trying to get a Cozy Mystery mystery box off of eBay after watching an unboxing on YouTube but at the last minute talked myself into going to the used bookstore instead and picked up a stack of books.  I got a mix of cozies and classic and am really looking forward to getting these read!

Superfluous Women by Carola Dunn
The Winter Garden Mystery by Carola Dunn
Blown Away by Clover Tate
Ill-Gotten Panes by Jennifer McAndrews
Killing Cassidy by Jeanne M. Dams
The Victim in Victoria Station by Deanne M. Dams
Hangman's Holiday by Dorothy L. Sayers
Lord Peter Views the Body by Dorothy L. Sayers
The Great Mistake by Mary Roberts Rinehart
A Day for Dying by Dorothy Simpson
Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle by Dorothy Gilman


Death in Castle Dark by Veronica Bond and The Sea King's Daughter by Barbara Michaels

Listening:  Deadly Harvest by Heather Graham

This is Will during chemo this week.  The chemo curls have come in with a vengeance!  He's always has a pretty solid wave in his hair but his hair texture was always pretty coarse which I guess kept it under control a bit.  However, the regrowth is super baby fine so the wave has turned to ringlets.  Apparently, this isn't super uncommon.  He probably has another inch or so of chemo growth and then the nurses predict his real texture will reappear so he might look crazy while we're trying to get that under control!  He's had really low energy and we are still working on his appetite but hopefully we will get some time in the pool in before he goes back to clinic later this week.  For the most part I think we are just all tired.

Thank you so much for all the good energy and prayers for Carson.  Unfortunately, the family received the worst news possible this week.  They have fought for 4 long years and there's really nothing left to do.  St Jude is out of options and when it comes to childhood cancer there's really no better place and no place with higher levels of research.  They're still fighting and praying for a miracle.  Childhood cancer research receives only a very small percentage of cancer treatment research funds and that can be so frustrating.  If it wasn't for Danny Thomas and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital there would be almost no hope for any of these kids but even with all the progress that has been made the prognosis is far too often so grim.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and happy reading!


  1. What a nice haul! I love used bookstores and miss some of the old favorites I used to go to.

    I absolutely love the covers of Death in Castle Dark and the Dunn book.

    I am so sorry to hear about Carson. I can think of no more devastating news and I will continue to pray for that family.

  2. Very nice mystery haul! We have a Half Price Books nearby that has an awesome mystery/suspense section. Superfluous Women has a great cover.

    That is heartbreaking news about Carson. I will keep him and his family in my thoughts.♥

  3. Great haul! Hope your are liking Death in Castle Dark!! Hope Will is doing well and that is so sad to hear about Carson. :(

    Have aa great week and happy reading!
    Week in Review

  4. Great group of new mysteries, The Death in Castle Dark has my interest.

    Will's thick curly hair is awesome - such a brave little guy. Hug him for us. So sorry Carson's family got such horrible news so sad.

  5. You did well at the bookstore. I love used bookstores. Death in Castle Dark is next on my list. It really looks good.

    I'm very sorry to hear about Carson. Very sad.

  6. I love Will's hair! So sorry about Carson, will keep him and his family, and Will and your family in my prayers.

  7. The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax is one of my favorite mysteries of all time - I still haven't read the other books in this series but have read that book multiple times. I think about Will and your family often - sending prayers for Carson and his family as well.

  8. I love Dorothy Sayers and the Mrs. Pollifax books. I think we are tired here, partly because of summer heat, and we don't have all the things to deal with that you do. I hope this next week is a good one.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  9. Love the curls. I hope he has a little more energy this week. Keeping him in my prayers.

  10. I'm going to do a blog post about how people tend to contribute to animal charities before human charities, even children's charities, a bit before the Christmas season this year. Don't get me wrong, I love animals, but when I see the rescue shelters totals on the donations tallies at the mall being 3-4 times that of the children's charities and food banks, it makes me sad. The dogs at our shelters have better beds than I do and don't ask me about the high-end furniture in the cat rooms. 😐

    I hope Will starts feeling better soon. ❤

    Have a wonderful new week. 🌞

  11. So sorry to hear of the bad news for Carson, will still keep and his family in mind and prayer. So heartbreaking. Curls are cute, hope his energy ups a little and you all get an energy boost. No easy way out of it I guess while you are in the thick of this. Your second hand book visit sounds absolutely blissful.

  12. Hi Katherine. Fantastic book haul! That'll keep you cozied for a while. Lol!
    Will's curls look really cute.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about Carson and his family, that truly is the worst news. All fingers and toes crossed in hope something turns for the better. I also hope Will gets to enjoy pool time this week and that you enjoy all your new second-hand book-goodness! Have a lovely week :)
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

  14. Sorry to hear about the news for Carson but my prayers continue for him and his family. And of course for Will.

  15. Those curls are striking. My mom's hair came back in curly after chemo, and she was delighted...she'd always wanted curly hair.

    You've got a lot o fun books ahead for you.

    Such sad news about Carson. No words.

  16. That’s a terrific haul, and probably great value, enjoy!
    I hope Will gets time in the pool

    Wishing you a great reading week

  17. What a great book haul... I've been wanting to try one of Carola Dunn's books. Love the cover of the one shown here! So sorry for the sad news about Carson. I'll keep praying.

  18. I'm so sorry to hear about Carson. How heartbreaking for him and his family. My heart goes out to them.

    Will's curls are great! I hope he has a good week, and gets some of his energy back.

    That's a great mystery haul. Sayer, Gilman, Dunn, Simpson -- all good, each in their own way. Enjoy!

  19. Such heartbreaking news about Carson, and know that everyone feels frustrated right now, but I do also believe in the power of prayer and miracles. Aren't used book stores the best? It's truly amazing the things you can find there, and I love it. Glad you were able to go. Sending hugs to the family! RO