Saturday, February 20, 2021

Midwinter Murder - Classic Mystery Review

Goodreads:  Midwinter Murder: Fireside Tales from the Queen of Mysteries by Agatha Christie

Rating: Loved It!
Source:  Purchased

Description:  There's a chill in the air and the days are growing shorter . . . It's the perfect time to curl up in front of a crackling fire with these wintry whodunits from the legendary Agatha Christie. But beware of deadly snowdrifts and dangerous gifts, poisoned meals and mysterious guests. This chilling compendium of short stories—some featuring beloved detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple—is an essential omnibus for Christie fans and the perfect holiday gift for mystery lovers.

- Three Blind Mice
- The Chocolate Box
- A Christmas Tragedy
- The Coming of Mr Quin
- The Clergyman's Daughter/Red House
- The Plymouth Express
- Problem at Pollensa Bay
- Sanctuary
- The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge
- The World's End
- The Manhood of Edward Robinson
- Christmas Adventure

Genre: Mystery - Classic 

Why I Picked This Book:  I grabbed this one for a hospital stay - there's nothing better then Agatha Christie short stories!

My Impression:  I almost talked myself out of buying this one because I own all of Agatha Christie's books including her short story collections but I took a chance and I'm so glad I did.  To my absolute delight I found two short stories I've never read before!  Both "Christmas Adventure" and "The Mystery at Hunter's Lodge" were new to me and it was wonderful to discover two new Christie stories as well as getting a nice collection of old favorites.

This would be a great intro collection for readers new to Agatha Christie.  There's a little taste of all her detectives - Poirot and Miss Marple show up as do Tommy and Tuppence and there are appearances by the underrated and underused Harley Quin and Mr. Parker Pyne.  Plus, "Three Blind Mice"  is one of her very best stories and is not to be missed.

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?  Of course!  I'm already reading the next Miss Marple mystery on my list!

Would I Recommend this Book?  Yes!  This is a fun collection for all Christie fans.


  1. I was thinking I'd never seen that title, but of course, this was a short stories collection. I'm glad you loved it, Agatha Christie is a great mood lifter and I love the atmosphere she creates apparently so easily, she was a talented writer :)

  2. I bought the audio just before Christmas but, haven't listened yet. I like the assortment of detectives to sample.

  3. I love Christie and don't know why I don't read her more often, but I do have a few of her books in my tbr for challenges this year.

  4. I reviewed this on audio and enjoyed it so much. Fantastic review! I own Christie in a variety of formats, paperbacks, ebooks and now I am collecting things on audio sales. One can never have too many Christie stories.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  5. Sounds like a win buying it and finding two stories you hadn't read.

  6. This sounds like a great collection. I love that you found two stories in it you hadn't read yet.