Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday Fives - Five Books I've Bought Recently


I'm taking a bit of a break from my usual Friday Linkups to try something a little different.  Michelle over at Because Reading is Better Than Real Life   used to do a Five on Fridays that I always enjoyed and I've seen a few other variations on the theme.  As well I'm in a list making kind of mood so I thought I'd give start making random five lists.  Sometimes they'll be bookish other weeks not so much.   Lately I am buying books like there is a time limit and the person with the most wins.  I'm not sure if it's stress shopping or not having access to all the books I own makes me forget I own them or what but it's becoming a bit of a thing around here!  So here are 5 of the many (many) books I've bought recently - chosen a bit at random.

1. Gluten for Punishment by Nancy J Parra - This series has been on my TBR for awhile though not very high priority just because I hadn't heard much about it.  But this year I'm trying to read a book that takes place in each state and when I was looking for books in Kansas this book came up! So of course I bought and I'm looking forward to reading it!

2.  Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts - I've been craving rereads lately and it's a balance finding books I want to reread that I don't already own (I'm not that desperate yet!) but this one fit the bill!

3.  The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman - I have been loving the Mrs. Pollifax books lately.  They're pure madness but such fun so I had to buy the next one in the series!

4.  The Shadow of Vesuvius by Tasha Alexander - I haven't heard very much about this series but I've been loving historical mysteries, the cover is beautiful and it's Pompeii!  I couldn't resist!

5.  The Collector's Apprentice by B.A Shapiro - I wanted to read this book when it came out and somehow never did so I had to pick it up now.

Have you read any of these?  Are you book shopping like there's no tomorrow?


  1. I've bought too many books recently but they are all books I really wanted, in my defence! Enjoy your new reads!

  2. Haven't read any no. But the elusive Mrs Pollifax sounds delightful yes! Will have a look.

    Hope you will have a good weekend and that you are still coping with everything. Me and Elza do think about you.

    Here's my Weekend Book Friends #9

  3. Great new books. I have resolved to buy a few books from an independent bookseller near me each month. To help the bookseller, of course.

    I like lists, too. I think I've done over two hundred Top Ten Tuesdays.

  4. I really like the look of Gluten for Punishment, enjoy your books!

  5. Our taste in books is so similar. I want to read all of these.

  6. I've only read the Nora Roberts book which I see I gave 4.5 stars to and I do remember the characters a little and the battles they fought! Glad to hear you got these five new books.

  7. I think it's it's probably a bit of stress buying and the fact you aren't around all you books at home. These all look great! Enjoy!

  8. I can get seduced by book ads on FB and IG.