Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - Books with Numbers in the Title

Today I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl which is all about lists.  Since lists are one of my favorite things this is one of my favorite linkups!  Today's topic is all about books with numbers in the titles.  I thought this was a fun topic and enjoyed going through my lists to find books with numbers!  I really thought there would be a lot of searching and books I'd never heard of but it turns out I've read far more books with numbers in the title then I thought!

1.  One Minute Later by Susan Lewis - This wasn't my favorite read and in fact I don't remember much about it but I did enjoy it.

2.  Flat Broke With Two Goats by Jennifer McGaha - This was an interesting memoir that made me quite sure I never ever wanted to own goats.

3.  Three Fates by Nora Roberts - This is a favorite that I've reread probably a dozen times and it never disappoints.

4.  Botched 4 Murder by J.C. Eaton - This is such a fun cozy mystery series and one I always enjoy!

5.  The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry - I loved this intricately plotted mystery with connections deep into the past.

6.  Six Cats a Slayin' by Miranda James - Another fun cozy series and this one had kittens!

7.  The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley - This was quite the saga about 7 sisters of very different origins.  I really need to continue it!

8.  Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott - This was one of my absolute favorite books as a child and I still enjoy it

9.  Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty - This was the latest Moriarty book that I listened to and while it was completely nuts I really enjoyed it.

10. Ten Years a Nomad by Matthew Kepnes - This was probably one of my least favorite books of the year but it does have the number ten in the title.


  1. This was a topic that I did find easy to do! Not as many with numbers on my read list as I thought though!

  2. Another great and fun list. The only one I can think of off the top of my head would be Treats and Sweets with Six Sisters. I love their desserts so much! Hope you and your family are doing well and hanging in there, Katherine. Sending some hugs your way.

  3. This was fun to do! I'm impressed you found books you'd read from one through ten, Katherine. I didn't manage that and I included a lot with the same number and used ordinal numbers (first, second, third) for a lot of mine! Great list!

  4. Six Cats A Slayin haha. Like that one. And Nine Perfect strangers I still need to read. Glad to hear you liked it since I saw a little more mixed reviews for that than some of her other books.

  5. Loved that you came up with books from 1 -10, very clever. I read the Susan Lewis book too but don't remember too much about it.

  6. I'm going to be reading Eight Cousins next year. 👍✨

  7. Wow, I'm impressed you've read enough number books to do them in order! I couldn't think of many, so I didn't do TTT this week.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!

  8. I imagine I could fill the list with Janet Evanovich's books. I read so many of them early on in the series. Several of the ones you mention here are ones I'd like to read. I don't think I've read any of them yet.