Thursday, May 15, 2014

MyIreland Box - May Review

Last week was my birthday and I was very excited when the doorbell rang and I found MyIreland box waiting for me.  My Ireland box is a subscription box for once a month that comes with around 4 different items crafted in Ireland.  May was my third box and in the last 2 I've received a gorgeous glass paperweight with a shamrock etched into it, a calender full of stunning photographs, a tote bag, napkin rings, beautiful note cards and a leather key chain.  It's quite the variety and everything is not only beautiful but totally unique.  The theme of this month was beauty so I was hoping for some straight from Ireland beauty products.  I wasn't disappointed.

This what I saw when I opened the box and removed the tissue paper.  MyIreland box is always wrapped up like a gift which I absolutely love.  There's also an information card that gives a little info on the different places the products come from.

First off are these tasty little chocolate caramels from Oatfield Emerald Chocolates.  They're made in County Donegal.  They're more like toffee than the chewy caramel I was expecting but since they were super good I'm not complaining.

Then there's this bar of Handmade Goat's Milk & Lavender Soap from Clarke's of Dublin.  The soap is handmade in Ireland with goat's milk from County Offaly  and beeswax from County Meath (which is where my family is from so that was kind of exciting).  I was a little concerned about this soap because sometimes lavender products can be really strongly scented and I also happen to be allergic to goat's cheese.  So I decided to try this as a hand soap first and have been really pleased with it.  The scent is extremely pleasant without being too perfume-y, the soap is very nicely moisturizing and it doesn't all disappear down the drain like sometimes happens with handcrafted soaps.  Also it didn't seem to trigger any allergies.  Since I'm pretty sure I'm the only person allergic to goat cheese (I swell up like a very itchy balloon and my husband starts quoting The Elephant Man.  It's not a lot fun) I seriously doubt that's an issue for anyone else.  Anyway, this soap is great.  They have several other soaps available online including a Rosemary & Sea Salt that sounds divine.

Next is this All Natural Lip Balm with sweet orange from Mil All Natural Balms based in County Antrim.  This is a lovely light moisturizing lip balm.  It has a slightly sweet fragrance but not so much that you feel like you're tasting lip balm all day.  I've been using this daily since I got it and it's one of my favorite lip balms.

And finally, these gorgeous earrings. The picture doesn't do them justice.  There are little crystals above the green stones and the green stones have a beautiful subtle golden shimmer to them. If I was to pick a pair of earrings out these would probably be the ones I picked.  They're custom made for MyIreland box by Kathleen McAufliffe who is the longest established milliner in Ireland.  These are from County Kerry.  I'm so in love with these earrings I've been putting together outfits just so I can wear them.

This is the last box in my 3 month subscription but I didn't hesitate to order another 3 months.  I've really enjoyed each and every box.  This would be a great gift for anyone who has an interest in Ireland or just loves getting a variety of beautiful useful items in the mail once a month!


  1. We are really delighted you are enjoying our Mil All Natural Lip Balm. Also thank you for the kind words, it is great to hear.

    1. Thank you for making such a nice effective product that's a pleasure to use!

  2. I love this idea! And the earrings are just gorgeous!

    1. This is by far my favorite box! It's not cheap but it's worth every penny. I think I've worn the earrings at least 9 out of the last 10 days whether it goes with the outfit or not!