Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday 5 - School's Out!

It's Friday which means I'm ending my week with Emmy Mom and 5 facts and 5 pictures from this past week.

1.  School is officially out, finals are done and we are off duty for a few months.  With the bigger kids it's easier because they just kind of do their own thing and it ends up just meaning there's less going on.  With the Tornado it's a little more challenging since it is now my job to come up with stuff to do every day all day.  Plus, he really enjoyed this first year of school and is really going to miss his friends and teachers.

2.  Eleanor's birthday was this week!  Hard to believe she's 19 and has finished her first year of college.  This whole them getting grown up thing is just weird.  Not necessarily bad but definitely weird.

3. Going out with some friends tonight for a birthday/end of school year get together and am really looking forward to it.  While I do love relaxing evenings it'll be nice to get out of the house for a little bit.

4.  I've GOT to get the rest of my plants this weekend.  I put some tomatoes and peppers in my garden a few weeks ago and they're very happy but then I got busy and completely forgot so this weekend is going to involve at least a trip to Lowe's for some mint, squash, cucumbers and zucchini and maybe tomatoes because I can never have enough.

5.  It's been a great month for subscription boxes.  I've gotten all 3 and loved them all.  Birchbox and Ipsy should be up this week but they were great.  Have already tried out pretty much everything in both boxes.

It's a baby tomato!  So excited!

Eleanor opening presents

Trying to get a last day of school picture is way harder than it should be
The Tornado being Darth Vader
End of school treat.  The others were eaten to fast to actually be in the picture.


  1. Yum! I can see why those end of the year treats were eaten up so fast! Love all the photos. :-)

    Were you able to get the rest of your plants this weekend like planned? We ended up skipping the nursery and spending a day in the mountains, walking the trails and visiting shops. I don't imagine we'll be up to shopping for and planting plants tomorrow as we really need to finish cleaning out the garage. It's getting too hot to do any planting much longer. I'm worried our window is gone.

    I hope you have a wonderful summer. :-)

    1. I was though it was kind of last dash yesterday. I got everything planted but a hot pepper that I want to put in a pot instead of the bed but I ran out of dirt! Your day sounds amazing. It's been far too long since I've done something like that. We're on the verge of missing the window on flowers so I know what you're talking about. Sometimes time just goes too fast!

  2. I love that last day of school picture, his smile is so cute and it seems just so real and in the moment. I love the easy mornings of summer but yes the boredom factor does start get old sometime. Thank you so much for linking up

    1. Thanks! It was one of the few where he's not making silly faces! Not having to rush to school in the morning is definitely nice! Enjoy that part too! I just wish I was better with coming up with activities.