Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday 5 - Mostly Prom Stuff

It's Friday which means I'm linking up with Emmy Mom for 5 facts and 5 pictures from my week!

1. Prom is over and done with for the year and it is definitely for the young!  Between the hair appointments and picture taking and dropping off and texting to make sure I knew where everyone was it was exhausting!  I did something I never ever EVER thought I'd do which was agree to a co-ed sleepover.  It was at Emma's best friend's house and we've known them for 10 years and we joke that they're Emma's other family and vice versa.  The girls stayed on one floor with the mom after 3AM and the boys stayed on another floor with the dad (who's also an Army Colonel).  It got them all home earlier since they were back at the house by just after midnight and it worked out really well but it was definitely strange.  I'm trying not to think about the fact that next year I could potentially have 2 going.

2.  Emma is also driving now which is a bit of a mental adjustment.  Elinor got her license right before she left for college so there wasn't much time to get used to her driving before she actually moved so this is really the first time we've experienced having a driver.  It's weird!  It's time to go to work she goes to work.  It's time to meet up with a friend she goes and meets up with a friend.  She needs to go pick something up she just goes and does it.  We did experience a bit of a problem yesterday when we realized she'd yet to drive her car at night.  We figured this out when she was at work and realized she had no idea how to turn her headlights on for the drive home.  Luckily that got sorted out but whoops!

3.  Have you ever had a week that's rough for no real reason?  Nothing's bad has really happened but I just feel totally worn out and in a bad mood.  J is working crazy hours right now and is hardly ever here so I'll feel bad about complaining about needing a break when he most definitely isn't getting one but I definitely feel in need of some unwinding.

4.  It's getting a bit better though because I've discovered the awesomely awful Dance Moms.  I know I'm horribly behind the curve on this one and feel free to judge both on my lateness and on watching such awful television but I'm loving it!  I used to be kind of snobby about how I didn't watch reality tv but then came the food competitions followed by Dancing with the Stars and then I added The Bachelor/Bachelorette last year because I had some friends who watched it and I wanted to know what they were talking about.  Now with the addition of Dance Moms I can no longer feel superior but it is a lot of fun!

5.  We are down to our very last days of school!  The Tornado had his end of the year program today which was adorable and then will have 2 days next week.  Paul and Emma will be done on Wednesday but it and Tuesday are only half days.  Simultaneously looking forward to and dreading the summer!

Emma and her date
Emma and her group of friends.  It's hard to get a good picture of all of them standing still.

And when it is done normally at least 2 or them look pretty awkward.

The Tornado in the green shirt at his school's program today


  1. I must admit I am not a reality TV junkie but I sometimes do read recaps of the mess that they are :) Glad your daughter had a great time at prom. Your daughter looks beautiful. I know in Illinois, where I grew up, you now have to have so many hours of driving in daylight, nighttime and even rain before you can get your license.

    Thanks so much for linking up

    1. We have passenger restrictions and curfew restrictions but I'm not sure on the hours. It's just odd how driving makes them so self-sufficient. I thought we were pretty much done with her before but now we're REALLY done!

  2. Such lovely photo's! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. So beautiful! I never went to my prom and so it's a completely foreign experience for me. It's still too early to wonder if my daughter will go. :-)

    I've seen a few episodes of Dance Moms and was sufficiently appalled. LOL Obviously, I couldn't just watch one episode. I can't even imagine.

    I am sorry you had such a rough week. I have had those too, unfortunately. All we can hope for is that the next week is better.

    1. I went to prom and it was a completely foreign experience to me so don't worry if she decides to go! It was fun to see her and her friends all dressed up
      Dance Moms is so so bad but is so true to life! We did competitive soccer for awhile with Paul and Emma and there were definitely parents who acted like that. It was crazy.
      This week has definitely been better also for no reason! Nothing's changed but I'm just not as grumpy. It's funny when things work out that way!