Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday 5 - Strawberries and Prom

Today I'm participating in the Friday 5 which is hosted by Emmy Mom.  It's a fun way to end the week with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures.

1.  Emma's prom is tomorrow.  I had forgotten what a racket prom is.  Between the dress, shoes, stuff that goes under the dress, hair appointments, altering the dress, prom tickets ($90 a couple and from asking around our school is one of the cheaper ones) it costs a fortune!  Then you have to meet up with people for pictures though luckily she and her friends have chosen somewhere that doesn't have an admission fee.  I am looking forward to seeing her in her dress though.  Just keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays decent.

2.  I got MyIreland box for May on Tuesday and as usual I love it.  I'll have the review up for it next week sometime.  It's the last box in my 3 month subscription but I'll definitely be renewing for another 3 months.

3.  I got a lot of cookbooks for my birthday including the Martha Stewart cupcake book.  I've got a batch of her chocolate chip cupcakes in the oven right now and I'm hoping they'll be fantastic.  For the amount of bowls that ended up dirty they better be.

4.  We are in the middle of a very glorious spring here in Alabama.  It normally lasts about 2 weeks but I'm loving the temperatures in the low 80s with low humidity.

5.  This week my reading took a serious hit because my seasonal allergies decided to visit.  Luckily I'm getting used to Benadryl again so am not quite so drowsy.  I'm finally getting back on track and have started a book I'm really enjoying.  Hope to have the review up on Monday.

The Tornado is obsessed with the TV show Handy Manny these days and insisted the cat needed a pencil behind her ear.  I don't think she agreed when she woke up.

Picking strawberries yesterday at the strawberry farm

Enjoying the fruits of our labor - strawberry pancakes with strawberry milkshakes

The inside of MyIreland box

The Tornado's Mother's Day project from school


  1. What great pictures! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh what are you reading? Dying to know. My son loves Handy Manny too! It is cute but yea, I get sick of it after a while. That is pretty funny he stuck the pencil there. I hope your daughter has a great time at prom, it really is crazy how much money it all costs.

    1. The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow. So far I'm really liking it. We're really into Handy Manny here too! He tries to carry his toolbox around everywhere!

  3. How did the prom go? I hope Emma had fun! Did you have a date or go in a group? I know more and more kids seem to be going in groups these days, which is nice.

    I hope your allergies have subsided. Mine have been acting up too. Your spring weather sounds wonderful! It's been spring like here for so long . . . We never did have a winter. This week it's supposed to get up to 102. In May! What is wrong with this picture? At least I'll be inside an air conditioned building all day. Hopefully the air conditioner won't break . . .

    Love the photos of Tornado! And the cat photo is too cute. :-) Mouse likes Handy Manny too. :-) What a beautiful bouquet! I love the creative art projects these kids are doing at school.

    Have a great week, Katherine!

    1. She had a great time be prepared to be inundated with pictures this Friday! She had a date but they went with 3 other couples so it was kind of best of both worlds. It was a really great group of kids and thankfully a very low drama group of kids.

      Not sure if my allergies are better buy my Bendadryl is no longer making me sleepy which I'll take! 102 is crazy in May! We normally don't have too many days that get over 100 but we make up for it in humidity.

      Thanks! I always feel a little sorry for the cat but she loves him. It's kind of strange. The school art projects are my very favorite. This has been his first year and I think I've kept everything so far. I'm going to calm that down a bit!

  4. I have a plastic bin where I keep all of Mouse's art projects. I know I am going to need to weed some out, but it's hard to choose. As much as I love the ones that aren't flat, I always get frustrated when it comes time to putting them away because I will have to either throw them out or crush them. I'm terrible. LOL

    1. Yes! The best projects are always the 3D ones but I have no idea how to store them! I'm going to need to get a bin or start scanning pictures or something. It's going to be a problem and I probably don't need every coloring sheet he's scribbled on. Though there is that awful twinge of guilt when you toss this kind of stuff!