Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday Fives - My Favorite Non-Mystery Authors (Right Now)

I'm taking a bit of a break from my usual Friday Linkups to try something a little different.  Michelle over at Because Reading is Better Than Real Life   used to do a Five on Fridays that I always enjoyed and I've seen a few other variations on the theme.  As well I'm in a list making kind of mood so I thought I'd give start making random five lists.  Sometimes they'll be bookish other weeks not so much. I'm also going to start linking up with Kathryn over at Book Date for her Connect Five. A few weeks ago I listed my favorite mystery authors (right now) so I thought I'd look at my favorite non-mystery authors. I'm not looking at all time favorites but more authors who I'm loving at the moment - though there may be some overlap there!

1.  Amor Towles - I finally read A Gentleman in Moscow this year and immediately went and got Rules of Civility.  

2.  Nora Roberts - I've done some rereading of my favorite Roberts books and picked up one of her newer more thriller-y type and have enjoyed them all.

3.  Lucinda Riley - I loved listening to The Storm Sister and am really excited to keep going with the series.  I love how Riley does the multiple book story arc as well the multiple timelines in each book.  I also love how she makes the settings of her books come alive.

4.  Jessica Day George - I love this Middle Grade series and have just one more before I've finished it.  I think I'm going to start back at the beginning and use this as a read aloud for my 10 year old this summer.  I think he'd really love it.  I haven't read any of her other books but I have big plans.

5.  Juliet Blackwell - So this is cheating a bit as Blackwell is a mystery author whose books I've enjoyed but I'm specifically talking about her fiction in this list.  I read The Lost Carousel of Provence earlier this year and absolutely loved it.  I'm really looking forward to reading more of her non-mystery books.

Who are some of your favorite authors?  


  1. Ok, you have me sold on A Gentleman in Moscow. I want to read that coming up. So far I have only few reading goals for the remainder of this year. I want to finish the Vera Stanhope series by Ann Cleeves, start reading the books on the shelf that I was always "going to get around to reading" and now I will add Amor Towles.

  2. Nora Roberts would definitely be on my list for non-mystery as well. I also have enjoyed books by Robyn Carr - have read the whole Virgin River series. I read it at a time in my life when I was struggling with some emotional things and it suited me very well. Debbie Macomber's books too.

  3. I have heard a lot of good things about A Gentleman in Moscow though not sure it's one for me so glad you enjoyed it.

  4. The Juliet Blackwell book attracts me just by its cover. And of course Lucinda Riley and her seven sisters. I am enjoying her latest one, although I like the present day story in it the most. Can't wait to see how the two stories link up though. And of course Nora R. always.

  5. I still ned to get to the Jessica Day George books. 📚✨