Saturday, April 4, 2020

March Reading Summary

Number of Books Read:  12 - Same as last month!


7 Print Books
4 eBooks
1 Audio - It was LONG but really good!

6 Review Books
1 Library Book
4 Rereads
1 Book Off the Audible Shelf
1 Books from the Backlog Book

Visited 10 out of 50 States So Far This Year

My Favorite Book This Month:

The Read-Aloud Family by Sarah Mackenzie - This was so tough because I really enjoyed most of the books I read in March but this was the one I got the most out of and it got me excited about things I want to do in the future.

Least Favorite Book:
A Forgotten Murder by Jude Deveraux - This was easy unfortunately.  I really wanted to love it but it never got past just okay for me.

Books I'm Still Reading:
The Lost Carousel of Provence by Juliet Blackwell
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
Egyptian Diary: The Journal of Nakht by Richard Platt (Read-Aloud Book for School)
Death by Committee by Alexis Morgan (Audio)
Deadly Fate by Heather Graham

Goals for Next Month:  Finish all the books I have going now and try and finish 14 books

How was your reading in March?  This month definitely didn't go as expected for anyone I don't think but it hasn't seemed to made much of a dent in my reading.  It didn't increase it either unfortunately!


  1. You had a great month for reading! Happy April, stay safe!

  2. You're reading five books at once? Wow. I'm juggling three and that feels like a lot. You had a good reading month, nice work. Good luck finishing the ones you're reading now.

  3. That sounds like such a great reading month! I average about 1 book a week, which at this point in my life is pretty good! I really want to read The Read-Aloud Family now that I have children. I definitely need to pick it up soon.

    Crystal Book Snob

  4. Great reading month considering what's going on.

  5. With all the stuff you have going on, getting in 12 books for the month is pretty dang good! Very cool that you got in something from the back list too. Be well and stay safe! RO

  6. You had a good month! The Read-Aloud Family sounds like one for me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the cover of The Read-Aloud Family. I don't read a lot of books of that type, but I may have to check out that one. Especially since you praised it so much. I hope you have a great April, as much as that will be possible.

  8. When its a long audiobook it does take quite a bit of time to get through. Really equal to three books at least!

  9. 12 books is great, especially considering all that is going on - I don't think anyone's concentration levels are what they usually are. I read 7 books, which seems about right for me in a month.

    I've heard good things about The Read-Aloud Family.

    I hope you're able to finish all your current reads, and enjoy some wonderful books from your April TBR too.

  10. It's been such a stressful month, March, that I got limited reading done. Reading apocalypse books might prepare you for realities of food storage and vital supplies but NOTHING prepared me for the mental trauma, the fear and anxiety, the lack of concentration. I think we're all struggling right now!

  11. It sounds like you had a great reading month. Yay for fitting in a Books from the Backlog pick! I need to work in a few re-reads soon. I just love experiencing a book I know I love all over again. I hope you have a great April!