Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Books On My TBR That Are Set in Ireland

I've been spending lots of time shopping my TBR and picking out books to read from that instead of the bookstore.  As I've been doing that I've noticed some themes!  I've talked about books involving bookish characters and today I'm looking at books that are set in Ireland.

1.  An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor - I picked this up on  a whim at a used bookstore.  I know very little about it but the cover was pretty and the book just felt nice.

2. The Likeness by Tana French - This isn't exactly a book that's going to make me want to jet off to Ireland but I'm intrigued by this this story - especially after watching The Dublin Murders earlier this year.

3.  The Faraday Girls by Monica McInerney - This sounds like a good family secrets novel and I do love family secrets.

4.  The Music Lesson by Katharine Donovan - I know very little about this one other then there's a stolen Vermeer and of course some family secrets!

5.  The Green Road by Anne Enright - Another one I don't know much about but the cover and setting sold me.

6.  Scandal in Skibbereen by Sheila Connolly - I read the first book in this series enjoyed it, then enjoyed a later book in the series, and then trudged through the last book in this series.  I'm hoping to get back the positive feeling!

7.  The Summer of Serendipity by Ali McNamara - This book sounds really sweet and cozy.

8.  Murder at an Irish Wedding by Carlene O'Connor - I read the first book in this series and really enjoyed it but somehow have never continued with the series.

9.  Born in Fire by Nora Roberts - I read this one ages ago and really would like to reread it.

10. The Lilac Bus by Maeve Binchy - Of course I have to include a Binchy book on this list and this one has been calling me for years!

What books have you loved that are set in Ireland?  Any favorite books with an Irish setting?


  1. I haven't read much set in Ireland. A few horror stories years ago maybe!

  2. The Sheila Connolly series has been on my list for a long time. It looks good. Ireland is a great setting for books.

  3. Oh Ireland! I need a lot more book time set in Ireland! :)

  4. I think that I have read a couple of Maeve Binchy books that I enjoyed. I don't think that I have read too many books set in Ireland though.

  5. I have always loved Maeve Binchy books - and one of these days, I want to travel to Ireland as it always looks absolutely beautiful when I've seen it on the TV. Thank you for a lovely article:)

  6. I have a few too. I do have the McInerney one on my bookshelf for ages. There are some books set in Ireland that I like to read and some that I don't, I usually know after I am in it for a little while if its going to work for me.

  7. I've only read a few books set in Ireland but I'm always thinking I want to read more because I'm part Irish. But then "so many books" happens and I get side tracked. I'm going to check out this list.

  8. Gosh, I'm trying to think and other than reading Irish folktales and mythology I think I have only read Angela's Ashes, and Milkman. I do recall reading a book where two women swap homes for the summer; one frm New York City and one from the Irish countryside, but I don't remember the title. I guess I need to look for some others to read 🍀

  9. I’ve got the Patrick Taylor book, The Likeness was my favorite of Tana Frenchs Dublin Murder Squad & of course I love Maeve Binchey. Lilac Bus is a good one.
    Haven’t read any of the others you listed but I do like books set in Ireland!