Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - New To Me Authors I Read in 2018

This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl is New To Me Authors I Read in 2018.  I love this topic because finding new authors I love is one of my favorite things but I never think to track this so I had a lot of fun looking through my 2018 reads and seeing just what authors I discovered last year.

1.  Rosemary Simpson - I was on a winning streak with historical mysteries in 2018 and this series featuring a society girl with a mind of her own, a former Pinkerton detective and a whole cast of characters all in Gilded Age New York.

2.  Emily Brightwell - Another historical mystery though this one features the servants of a Victorian era Scotland Yard detective along with a sprinkling of friends and neighbors - all with a fun cozy feel.

3.  David Bell - David Bell wasn't an unfamiliar name to me but I had never tried his work until this year  It was creepy and unsettling and totally compelling.

4.  Catherine Ryan Hyde - I wasn't sure I was going to like this story about a former executive who threw up everything and ends up living out in the middle of nowhere with an eclectic cast of characters but it ended up being a total delight full of humor and poignancy.

5.  JoAnn Ross - I love a good small town contemporary romance and thoroughly enjoyed this series set in Honeymoon Harbor in the Pacific Northwest.

6.  Jennifer Ashley - Did I mention I was loving historical mysteries this year?  The Kat Holloway series from Jennifer Ashley that centers around a cook is one of my favorite discoveries.

7.  Liane Moriarty - I've been meaning to read Moriarty for years and finally did in 2018.  She completely lived up to my expectations.

8.  Tess Arlen - Another historical mystery and another author I'd been meaning to read for quite sometime.  And another series that did not disappoint.

9.  Anna Lee Huber - Okay last historical mystery but another one that I went into expecting good things and fell completely in love with.  I'm glad I have a few

10. Jessica Fletcher (Jon Land) - I've watched Murder, She Wrote since I was a little girl but never read any of the books because I had it in my head they wouldn't be very good.  Happily I was proved very wrong!

What authors did you discover in 2018?


  1. I wish I could have got to your list earlier. Much of these works are archived but I've got two requests in so looking forward to those. I like history, fiction and mysteries too so your list covers the lot.

  2. I discovered a lot of new authors last year mainly in the apocalypse and horror genres but a few urban fantasy and historical.

  3. Liane Moriarty is the only one of these I've read... off to investigate the others.

  4. I love Anna Lee Huber, Jennifer Ashley, and Liane Moriarty (although her newest two books have not been up to snuff, IMHO). That Rosemary Simpson series sounds like one I would like as does the Emily Brightwell one. Great list!

  5. Tessa arlen I enjoyed as well, and the Ashley series is one I've been wanting to try. Maybe Huber's books too...

  6. I love finding new authors I want to read again - I have enjoyed Liane Moriarty but ... not every book. I love the Ashley series although I had read a couple of her romances.

  7. I enjoy Hyde's books and really like the Ashley series.

  8. I haven't read any of those authors. But I have had some great new authors this past year and look forward to more of their work.

  9. It looks like you caught up with a crop of excellent authors - I didn't read quite as much historical murder mysteries as I'd intended last year, so I need to keep an eye out for some of these - Catherine Ryan Hyde looks interestingly quirky.

  10. Other than Liane Moriarty, these are all authors I haven't read myself. I'd never thought to read the Murder, She Wrote books despite absolutely loving the show! Good to hear you enjoyed them.

    It is always nice coming away from a year with new authors you read & loved.

  11. The only one of these authors I've seen before is Liane Moriarty. Thanks for sharing your list. 👍✨