Sunday, September 10, 2017

This Week in Reading - September 10

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

The Silent Fountain by Victoria Fox - I know nothing about this author but I love the cover and there's crumbling villas, film stars, and all kinds of old secrets.  (NetGalley)

Deck the Halls by Donna Alward - I love Donna Alward and have always really enjoyed her Christmas stories so I couldn't turn down this novella!  (Publisher)

Hope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle - There's coming home, finding your footing again AND a bookstore in this holiday romance that looks like it's got quite a bit of heart in it.  (Publisher)

Always You by Denise Grover Swank - I've really enjoyed the first two books in this contemporary romance that's centered around weddings (though it makes me very glad I went the courthouse ceremony myself) and am excited to read this one.  (NetGalley)

Death and the Viking's Daughter by Loretta Ross - With its strong history element this cozy mystery series that's centered around a PI and an auctioneer has quickly become one of my favorites.  And this one involves a 20 year old missing person's case which has me doubly excited.  (NetGalley)


Reading:  The Summer That Made Us by Robyn Carr and To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon

Listening:  Finishing up Splintered by A.G. Howard.  So far it's been really good and really weird!

Watching:  I've been watching a show on Hulu called Supersizers Go which has Sue Perkins from The Great British Bake-Off except in this one she and a restaurant critic are exploring the food and general daily life of different time periods.  I just finished the 1920s and before that was The Regency Era.  This is actually a rewatch but I'm enjoying it just as much this time as the first time around.  Just don't watch it when you're eating - especially some of the older time periods.

Off the Blog:

So our drama this week was hearing a crash Friday morning and going out to find a car on top of our once large brick mailbox which is now lying on the ground.  No one was hurt and it really wasn't that big of a deal.  Their insurance will cover it and we had a nice chat while waiting for the police to get there to right the incident report.  However, after everyone had left (though I must say watching a SUV get towed off a pile of brick is pretty entertaining) we had one of those "What now?" moments.  Yes, I'm sure we'll hear from their insurance company but until then how do we get mail?  And how do you get the big pile of brick off the grass?  And just how exactly does one find a brick mason?   It's just one of those many innocuous moments that they really don't prepare you for.  My last one was when my SodaStream exploded (tip - when they say put the soda syrup in AFTER you carbonate the water they mean it).  Turns out a liter of soda can make quite a mess in high velocity spatter.  I figured we'd have to move because the mess was never going to get cleaned up.  However, it all worked out (well except for the SodaStream - that was kind of the end of that) and I'm sure this one will too.

J and the Tornado had a Boy Scout camp out this weekend so I've been home by myself except for the dog and cat who have been tormenting each other - mostly cat tormenting the dog if I'm being honest.  I'm a bit of a nervous person so any noise is automatically someone coming to kill me so I try to only watch happy non-violent shows when I'm by myself at night.  Which made me realize just how violent my TV taste is!  All but maybe one show involves murder.  I'm thinking about rewatching the Anne of Green Gables mini-series with Megan Follows.  Not much is happier than that!

Like most people my thoughts are on Florida right now.   There's so much to say and to worry about and to hope that I'm struggling for words but my thoughts and prayers are there.

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday:  All the Secret Places - Mystery Review
Tuesday:  Top Ten Tuesday - Throwback Blogger Favorites
Wednesday:  Chesapeake Bride - Romance Review
Thursday: TBD
Friday:  The Summer That Made Us - Fiction Review
Saturday: TBD

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Hope at Christmas sounds delightful! All your books do! I hope you enjoy them, Katherine.

    I am glad no one was hurt when the SUV crashed into your mailbox. Hopefully getting it all taken care of won't be the headache it sounds like. Thank goodness for insurance.

    I hope J and Tornado are having a good time at camp. Sometimes I think I would love to have the house to myself, but I don't know that I really would like it if it were to really happen. I know when Mouse and I were on the East Coast without my husband I missed him, but I had my mom and Mouse with me, so it wasn't the same as being alone. I know he had a rough time of it. It was a long time to be away from us having not having done it before.

    I have been thinking a lot about those in the disaster zones as well. All we can do is wait and see at this point. I hope you have a great week, Katherine.

  2. The Silent Fountain does have a nice cover, looks like it might be set on an estate and I always like mysteries like that! Supersizers Go sounds interesting.

    Wow glad no one was hurt in the mailbox crash, although I imagine it's a pain for you guys! And I hear you on the shows- I was thinking recently about the stuff I watch and it occurred to me that a lot of it is violent or involves murder. What does that say about my viewing habits lol?

    Have a good week. Hope the remnants of Irma are no trouble for you guys if it comes your way...

  3. I'm glad no one was hurt. I get what you were feeling. I'm like you, a nervous person, especially when things happen suddenly. Anyway, my prayers go to those who affected in Florida too.

    Have a wonderful week and happy reading. :)

  4. That sure is drama with the letter box. Yes the Christmas novella's and novels are beginning to appear and I don't mind reading them from now on really!

  5. Wow! It sure sounds like you had a dramatic week! I hope everything goes alright for you.

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!

  6. That is such a pretty cover! Crumbling villas does sound good. I hope you like it.
    But it does sound like you had a crazy week, accidents and messes-wise :D hope you can figure out the post box soon. After all, bookmail, right?
    Have a happy reading week!

  7. The Splintered series being weird is why I think I loved it, ha ha. I am happy you are liking it.

    I loved Super Sizers Go! Did they ever end up making any more besides the original episodes? It has bern so long since I watched them that I have forgotten enough to enjoy them again.

    Why have we not seen photos of the dog? We need photos of the cat tormenting the dog!

    I used to scare myself watching ghost hunting shows. I always had to watch a palate cleanser afterwards. A rewatch of the Megan Follows Anne series sounds like a good idea no matter what the circumstances. <3 I hope the guys had a fun time on the Scouts trip. Have a wonderful week. :)

  8. Very odd, but the police came to my door last week, telling me a drive had run into my mailbox. I walked out with the officer and showed him my box, which was standing tall at my curb, but he pointed to the fallen mailbox next door. I was relieved and told him that box was our neighbor's and belonged to a house that was no longer there after a fire some years ago. He told me that our names were on the mail inside the box, and, to my astonishment, I learned that this was true! There was mail inside from years ago! How long has the post office been occasionally putting our mail inside that box?!

  9. That's nutty about your mailbox, but thank goodness no one was hurt! I can definitely relate to that "what now?" moment since something similar happened to my family last winter. A snowplow took out the top of our mailbox, and knowing that there was no way we could get a new mailbox into the frozen ground, we duck tapped the mailbox back onto to the base. It was quite the sight to say the least! I love the cover of The Silent Fountain! And the story itself sounds great as well. All the holiday books sound adorable as well. Have a great week!

  10. Glad no one was hurt and I saw the picture. Maybe you can get a temp Mailbox on a stick until you can get the other one fixed :)

    My dog torments the cat but as soon as the cat turns around the dog runs away, she is a scary kitty! :)
    I do the same when I am alone, I was alone for the first time in 15 years two weeks ago and my ghost friend paid a visit, scared the crap out of me, at least I know he is still here just wish he would show himself when other people are around. (feel like he keeps an eye on me) so now that you think I am nuts! :)

    Those Christmas reads sound cute! I need to grab a few for Ho Ho Ho RAT in Nov.

    I hope you have a great week, Katherine! Happy Reading!

  11. Oh my gosh I'm glad no one was hurt!! I do wonder what your mailman will think though.
    Enjoy your books and have a great week!

  12. Supersizers Go sounds so good. I am definitely going to check that out. Sorry to hear about your mailbox. My sister tells me that at my house in Florida the mail box has been knocked down not once, but twice by ignorant drivers. Neither of them even stopped. I wish I would have had masonry around my box, that would have left a mark for them as well. I am sure you will get your mailbox thing sorted. I hope it is not too much trouble for you.
    Have a good week and happy reading!

  13. That is crazy about your mailbox. I wouldn't know what to do either! Oh when I am by myself i swear every sound and shadow is sinister. I can't watch anything slightly scary unless someone is home with me. Hope you have a great week!

  14. Thankfully no one was hurt but what a mess. I spy some holiday reads. Never to early to get started on those as Christmas seems to roar in fast.

    My Sunday Post

  15. Supersizers Go sounds really good, but we don't have Hulu. :( I like Sue Perkins a lot so I'm sure it's good. And so sorry about your mailbox. It must have done a lot of damage to the car since it was brick. Good luck getting the mailbox rebuilt--and getting your mail! And the SodaStream story sounds very funny, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time.

    I know how you feel about the nights when your husband is gone. I feel the same way when I'm alone at night. I'm always glad when my daughter's dogs are here! And I'm also careful about what I'm watching or reading. Nice that the Tornado and your husband are at a boy scout camp this weekend. I hope they're having fun.

    Have a great week, Katherine.

  16. Sounds like some great books added to your shelf! I am so ready for Autumn and Winter reads!

    Hope the mailbox issue gets resolved quickly. I would not even know where to start with something like that!

  17. What a relief no one was hurt, though it does sound like it's going to be a major pain to get it repaired... Hope you find some nice non-violent shows - The Big Bang Theory and Strictly are always my go-to programmes when it all gets a bit much. Take care and have a good week. My Sunday Post -

  18. Glad no one was hurt in the mailbox incident. I've thought about buying a Sodastream but you have me questioning it. I've had my eye on The Silent Fountain and can't wait to hear some reviews.

  19. Glad no one was hurt. My thoughts and prayers are with Florida too. What a crazy time this is. I have the Robyn Carr book to read too. It looks really good. Hope you have a great week!

  20. Yay for Death and the Viking's Daughter by Loretta Ross. I am behind as I listen to the audios, but really enjoy this series. I have book 3? for review.

  21. I push publish by accident. Glad everyone is ok but yes dealing with the after is always confusing and certainly a pain in the butt. I laughed about the soda. Was traveling back from the store one time and a 2 liter exploded when it hit a corner of back seat and oh my lord..the mess! Have a wonderful week!

  22. I saw your picture on Instagram, it's good no one was hurt. But I wouldn't know how to clean up that mess lol. I hope you get it straightened out and you get your mail (you don't want to miss any books lol). I liked Splintered too. I'm not a big fan of Alice in Wonderland but I liked the twists of this series. And the audiobook is really good. I hope you enjoy your new books and have a great week!

  23. You got some nice sounding books! Sounds like an eventful week with the car on the mailbox! My taste in TV shows are about like

    Have a great week!

  24. I am glad no one was hurt when the mailbox was hit. It is always a pain to deal with insurance and getting things fixed so I feel for you. You grabbed some great books this week. I hope you have a great week and enjoy your new books!

  25. Wow hope the mailbox situation gets resolved soon. Glad no one was hurt but wondering how in the world that happened!
    Love the description of Supersizers Go. Haven't heard of it before. Have a good week!

  26. So what was the reason for the SUV plowing down your masonry mailbox? That's crazy! Our dogs have been so cute this weekend. I wish they were this incredibly sweet to each other every day. Last December I was home alone the entire month (The Man goes to Boston for Christmas for the entire month) and watching episodes of Snapped got me all wigged out.

  27. Thank goodness no one was hurt, but a friend of mine had this same problem. The person who hit her mailbox dashed, so she never knew who did it. She resolved to go to the post office eery day to pick up her mail until she got the mailbox fixed. It was okay because the post office was only a 5 minute drive away. I've been thinking about every state and country that has been hit by these storms and also the earthquake. So many are suffering, but I'm so glad to see that people are jumping to help. Hugs...

  28. Love the soda stream story, made me chuckle. I hope the mailbox gets resolved soon! Happy reading!

  29. I already read the Alward. I have issues with it.

  30. I loved the Supersizers - was addicted for a while. Good to know about the soda stream...we have one but never use it (but it's the type of thing I would do).

  31. Can't wait to read them! I was tempted by The Silent Fountain, but decided I have too many review books as it is.

    I'm so glad the accident only involved the mailbox and there were no injuries. I'm sure you'll get it sorted out. You could put up a temporary mailbox until the old one is fixed, maybe? And your SodaStream story made me laugh, though I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time.

    Have a wonderful week, enjoy your new books, and yes, wrap yourself in an old blanket and revel in Anne of Green Gables. Comfort viewing at its best!

  32. How in the world did that SUV end up on top of your mailbox?! I'm with you on the "now what?" part of the whole thing. A few years ago, my son's car was broken into. Insurance covered it but he had to drive around for a week in the winter with plastic instead of a window, he had no radio for almost that long and the dash never could be entirely repaired. But the most frustrating part was cleaning up the glass inside of the car. Nothing tough, just annoying.