Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Books and Characters I Loved that Others Didn't

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic from the Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Characters that Others Like that I Don't Get and Vice Versa.  So I thought and thought and really struggled coming up with anything.  So I broadened it a little bit and went with books as well as characters and today Top Ten is really going to mean Top 6!

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn - I read this book before blogging and even before Goodreads.  I absolutely loved it.  I wept at the weeping times and I loved Miranda and Turner and rooted for them both.  Later when I looked it up I was really surprised to see that I was most definitely in the minority on this one.  A lot of the reviews were really negative.  Even a number of bloggers who I really like and respect don't like the book.  It hasn't changed my opinion of it though I do feel a little protective of it!

 The end of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - I read Gone Girl for a book club and ended up really enjoying it.  I thought the ending really fit the book and I found it pretty believable for all the twisted craziness.  There were a number of people at the book club who were irate at the ending and I've seen that mirrored in reviews as well.

 Rebecca in Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier - I kind of like Rebecca.  I'm not saying she's not crazy and twisted and just a terrible person in general but she actually does something and goes after what she wants unlike the nameless spineless narrator.  Plus I have a feeling Maxim wasn't exactly a dream to live with either.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll - I really wanted to love these.  I like children's literature and they're my grandmother's favorite books.  I was already to be swept up in the magical nonsense but then I wasn't.  It kind of felt like someone telling me their very long and involved dream.  And then he said this and then he turned into a pig and then all of a sudden we were in a rowboat and then...

Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly Harper - I LOVED this book.  For starters it was just one of those magical times where this was exactly the book I wanted for the mood I was in and everything just really clicked.  I loved the characters, loved the story, and while there was a few too many subplots I was more then willing to overlook it.  I think the reason that most people didn't love it is that they were expecting more from Harper while she was new to me.  I am just starting to dip my toe into more paranormal and fantasy and everything so I'm looking forward to reading more of her books to find out what I was missing!

Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult - This was another book I read for book club and to be honest I would never have picked it up on my own.  While I found it incredibly readable I also felt like Picoult was manipulating the situation for the biggest emotional impact and I had issues with how certain things came about and then ending drove me crazy!

What books have you loved that everyone else seems to hate or vice versa?  Any characters drive you over the bend that everyone wants to be BFFs with?


  1. I really want to read Gone Girl, I've been in a thriller mood I guess lately and the twisty nature of it appeals to me. Plus it's one of those books I want to see what the hype is all about. On more of a YA note I kinda want to read Allegiant too, since that is SO controversial and with the movie coming out I'm curious.

  2. So many, many books to read...so little time! Thanks for the recommendations - I'll never, ever be short of things to read!

  3. I didn't like the end of Gone Girl either! I also read Alice's Adventures for a class and ended up thinking that they were rather boring, so I agree with both of those :)
    here's my TTT!

  4. I thought the end of Gone Girl was very fitting too. Even if it made me feel a little sick (for a reason I can't say here because of possible spoilers). I worry I will have a similar reaction to Alice in Wonderland too. Great list today, Katherine! You've got me thinking who might make my list. Hmm.

  5. I've yet to read Gone Girl, and probably never will. But I did watch the movie and absolutely hated it. Not sure how close it is to the book but either way it does not make me want to pick up Flynn's work.
    Alice is a very different book. Lol! I'm pretty sure nothing in it is supposed to make a lick of sense.

  6. Oh yeah, I am one of the haters of Miss Miranda Cheever. I read it when it first came out, and I remember thinking (oh my gosh, I don't like JQ's books anymore. I never even read the two books she published after it - the ones about the dukes - because I was so terrified). Then I read What Happens on London, and it was LOVE!

  7. Wow, great post-- at least you got 6! I skipped this week because it was just too much thinking, lol!

    About #1: I have to stop reading GR reviews before borrowing/buying a book, and just read my blogger friends' opinions! I can't tell you how many books I've returned to the library recently, or not picked up because I was excited about it, then read such negative reviews on GR that I changed my mind. I need to think for myself more, sigh... and, I will pick this title up for those rare moments I want a romance because I've seen books by this author at my used book shop. So thanks for a glowing rec!
    #2 I didn't like Gone Girl and DNF'd it. I know, I'm in the 1% of folks who didn't read it, didn't like it, or didn't see the movie. I'm not so sure about unreliable narrator stories. But sometimes I regret missing out on all the discussion, so who knows, might have to give it another try anyway.
    #3 I loved Rebecca, have it now on my kindle for a possible reread, and I liked the main character also.
    #4 I dislike anything to do with Alice, the Looking Glass, or Wonderland. Just my opinion.
    #5 Yikes, I have this on my other wishlist for a long time now, based on your review and someone else's. I think I will now look for it since you reminded me :)
    #6 I used to read all the Jodi Picoult books. Was a big fan. Now I'm tired of her angsty tales and twisty endings (for your info, she does this in every single book). As a bit of trivia: I know a lot about OI, the illness of the main character. My final job in special ed. in an elementary school was caring for a child afflicted with this disease as their personal aide. It is a major obstacle to a "normal" life and there is so much that has to be done each day to protect the person's health from constant, repetitive fractures. And yes, the ending of this book was not for me.

    Thanks for sharing this week. I love to read other people's TTT, but I just couldn't think of any this week, maybe will do it next time.

  8. I can't think of any right now off the top of my head but when I tried to read Goldfinch that tons of readers raved about, I just wasn't into it; I was so bored. I liked Miss Miranda Cheever. She was very proper about the rules but had a stubborn and blow up temper about her.

  9. I struggled with this topic as well, and I ended up skipping this week. I am with you on Alice in Wonderland. I love Disney's take on it though, both animated and live action. And I agree on Gone Girl - the ending totally fit the characters. Great list this week!

  10. I loved your list and need to check out a few of these to see how I might fare with them. OK, Gone Girl - I hated that book. Really. And I think I said earlier today on Rita's blog that I'm still mad at myself for finishing it. I'll stop now. LOL

    I didn't like Rebecca the character, but I understand what you mean about the 'narrator' and Maxim. I just love the spooky atmosphere there. How do you feel about Mrs. Danvers? LOL LOL

    Handle With Care - well, I do know what you mean there. I like Picoult's books, but I have to read them way far apart because I get annoyed with the way she tells the stories. Have you read House Rules by her? Curious what you'd think about that one.

  11. Great list! I was going to participate today, too, but I couldn't really think of anything. I should have been more inspired, I guess. :)

  12. Great list! I haven't read a single book on your list. It is really funny how differently people can look at the same book. There are times that I am certain that I couldn't have read the same book as everyone else.

  13. I have been trying to come up with just five for my Top Five Friday and can't! Maybe I Will steal your idea. Ha ha. I will give you credit for the idea. I think my biggest problem with most of the books I recommend that people end up not liking are because they are Adult Fiction, and YAs that read more like AF books. Many of the diehard YA readers that say they want to read out of their comfort zone, really don't want to. I won't personally rec Adult Fiction to any of the YA bloggers anymore after the last fiasco with one of my indie authors. The blogger said she wanted to know if there were any paranormal or superhero stories with imperfect MCs, and I said yes, but it was sn Adult Paranormal. She said that was great because she needed to start reading more AF. Well, the book is about a stuttering, shy vampire who likes electric blankets. She read it and gave it two stars because he wasn't very "vampirish" and there was too much about the character's mental state. I felt really bad because the author only had a few reviews and the two stars took her total rating down a lot. Ugh.

  14. LOL it is amazing how differently people can read the same book. I know I've been there where I loved it and others hated it. I was a hater on the Harper book. I typically love hers but absolutely HATED that book. I was bored out of my mind and DNFd it which is something I would never have thought possible with hers. I know a number of people who listened to it and enjoyed the audio though. Maybe one day I'll attempt that. I hate that I didn't enjoy one of hers.

  15. I love the quote "No two people read the same book" or something like that. Anyway, book bloggers understand, right? I have the Julia Quinn book on my Kindle and will move it up the TBR list after reading your thoughts above. I've found if I love an author it usually doesn't matter what others think about a particular book. Great post!

  16. I had trouble with this topic as well. It was REALLY hard to come up with 10!! I can't believe that I STILL haven't read Gone Girl. What's wrong with me?!?! LOL Great list! :)

  17. I loved the end of Gone Girl, too. They definitely deserved each other. :)

    Check out my TTT.