Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Reading Wrap Up

September was not a successful reading month.  I place most of the blame on Netflix.  I've been watching the USA show Monk since August and had gotten through 6 seasons when I saw that Netflix was going to take it off on October 1st!  So all reading time went out the window and I watched a LOT of Monk.  So much Monk in fact that I couldn't really read because when I did all the characters from the book looked like the characters on the show.  Romance novels didn't seem very appealing with the hero looked like Adrian Monk in my head.  October's not looking very good for reading either because Netflix just put up the 8th season of How I Met Your Mother and I want to watch the whole show again before I start the final season.  Also, the book Rilla of Ingleside slowed down my Montgomery reading because I had such an emotinal response to it.  It's very difficult to get through a book when you sob through the entire thing.  So this is what actually got read for the month of September:

1.  Rilla of Ingleside - L.M. Montgomery
2.  Kilmeny of the Orchard - L.M. Montgomery
8.  Brownies and Broomsticks - Bailey Cates
9. House of Many Shadows - Barbara Michaels
10. An Unsuitable Job for a Woman - P.D. James
11. Miss Silver Comes to Stay - Patricia Wentworth
12. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I got 2 out of 5 Montgomery books read, 0 library books and kindle books read and only 5 out of 8 free spaces filled.

Least favorite book for September:
Without question An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P.D. James.  I really disliked the characters, the pacing and the actual mystery.

Favorite book: for September:
House of Many Shadows by Barbara Michaels and Miss Silver Comes to Stay by Patricia Wentworth are old favorites and always enjoyable.  However, the book I got the most out of was The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  While I don't generally enjoy self-help books and Rubin's personality didn't really make me want to be friends with her I did get a lot out of the book.  J and I have been talking a lot about kind of doing are own happiness project and making fun more of a priority (or at least having it make an appearance on the priority list).  Talking about it and thinking about it has made me happier so far and has made life a bit more fun lately.

Now I have to go watch 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother so I have some hope of getting some reading down in October.

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