Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery - Review

Jane of Lantern Hill

Rating: 5 Stars

Description:  Jane has lived in the unhappy house at 60 Gay Street with her adored mother and mean spirited grandmother for as long as she can remember.  She has spent most of her life feeling stupid and clumsy, being compared unfavorably to her cousin and believing her father is dead.  That belief gets a nasty shake when a classmate teases her that Jane's parents don't live together and its all Jane's fault.  Then one day summons come from her father for Jane to spend the summer with him on Prince Edward Island.

Genre: Children's Classic

My Impression:  This is one of Montgomery's classic stories where a girl finds her confidence and comes into her own.  The main difference between this and many of Montgomery's other stories is that Jane not only comes from a family of status and means but is very much loved by both her parents.  Jane is a nice bright girl with a very practical way of thinking.  She isn't given to massive flights of fancy or spending much time living in an imaginary world.  Out of all Montgomery's lead characters Jane is the one I'd most like to have as a friend (though Gilbert runs a very close second).

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?: Yes

Would I Recommend this Book?:  Yes

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