Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dead and Berried by Karen MacInerney - Review

Dead and Berried by Karen MacInerney

Rating: 2 Stars

Description:  Natalie has enough on her plate running her inn on Cranberry Island in Maine without an annoying guest, a disappearing housekeeper, a collection of cats, a reappearing ex-fiance, a falling out with her best friend and a murdered minister.  Can she keep her relationship with John afloat, figure out what happened to Polly, keep her annoying guest from running her out of business and keep Charlene from being arrested for murder?

Genre: Mystery

My Impression:  There are aspects of this book I liked.  Natalie is nice and doesn't make to stupid to live choices, the atmosphere of the island and the food seem amazing.  The small subplot involving the history of the inn and a potential ghost were right up my alley but it was a little random and seemed like just extra filler for the book.  Natalie desperately needs to find a new friend.  Charlene is just an awful person and flat out mean to her.  She's definitely not someone to be counted on when things go wrong for Natalie yet expects Natalie to save the day when things go wrong for Charlene.  There was also a lot of clutter in the book.  There was a lot of time taken up with Candy and Benjamin but nothing came of it except for a lot of wasted energy.  As for the ending I was surprised but I wasn't satisfied.  The end seemed kind of hectic and last minute.

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?: Possibly, I have 3 in book form and 4 on the kindle but I probably wouldn't seek them out.

Would I Recommend this Book?:  No  

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