Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Ten Review Books That Have Been Gathering Dust on My Shelf for Far Too Long

 I've been feeling pretty proud of myself lately when it comes to NetGalley.  The early years were full of requesting sprees which ended up with me having soooo many books and then of course I couldn't read them all.  In the last two years I've been practicing moderation and have reviewed every book I've requested so far in 2021 and only have two books leftover for 2020.  I'd still like to make some progress on the books I picked up in the years of wild abandon!  Here are 10 I'd like to get around to reading soon.

1.  Day of Vengeance by Jeanne M. Dams (September 1, 2014) - Dams was one of the first cozy authors I ever read back in the late 1990s/early 2000s so I was surprised when I came across this one but somehow never got around to reading it.  

2.  No River Too Wide by Emilie Richards (June 24, 2014) - I've actually started this book at least twice but somehow never get more then about 100 pages in before something happens that prevents me from continuing.

3.  Night of a Thousand Stars by Deanna Raybourn (September 30, 2014) - This is a favorite author but I haven't read much of her historical fiction and this one looks really good.

4.  If You've Got it, Haunt It by Rose Pressey (December 2, 2014) - This cozy mystery involves ghosts and vintage clothes so it was basically written for me but somehow I never read it.

5.  The Beekeeper's Daughter by Santa Montefiore (April 14, 2015) - I absolutely loved another book by Montefiore and I was so excited to pick this one up but never read it.

6.  Murder at Beechwood by Alyssa Maxwell (May 26, 2015) - I love historical mysteries and have had this series on my radar for quite some time - and have actually had this on my Kindle for YEARS.

7.  Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis (June 30, 2015) - I really enjoy Shalvis' books but somehow only read the 3rd book in this trilogy.  That book was not one of my favorites but I really should still read this one.

8.  First Degree Mudder by Kate Dyer-Seeley (November 29, 2016) - Ellie Alexander is one of my favorite cozy authors and I really enjoyed this series under the Dyer-Seeley name.  This is the final book that somehow I never got around to reading!

9.  Pursuit of a Parcel by Patricia Wentworth (April 26, 2016) - Wentworth is one of my favorite classic mystery authors and I was so excited to pick this one up when it was republished back in 2016.  And then I never read it.  *sigh*

10. The Spies of Shilling Lane by Jennifer Ryan (June 4, 2019) Ryan's Chillbury Ladies' Choir was one of my favorite books the year it came out so of course I HAD to get this one.  And now she's released another book so I need to read both!

This of course isn't anywhere close to all of the books but these are 10 that caught my eye going through my Blogger Shame Shelf! Have you read any of these?  


  1. I remember when I started blogging a few years ago, Netgalley was like the ultimate exclusive club! I've requested a few, didn't receive much. This time around with blogging, I only request every now and then and seem to get a few more! But I do try to keep it low key, not enough time and all!

    I also like Santa Montefiore, start with that one! Then you can tell us more about it!

    Elza Reads

  2. The Jennifer Ryan book is good (I LOVED the audio!)

  3. Yes I think you'd really like the latest Jennifer Ryan book too. The Spies was good but less so that first and third. I have a few Santa Montefiore on my shelves if I didn't cull them and don't think I have tried her yet. I loved No River Too Wide but then sometimes issues are too close to want to read the book. Finding that myself over any Lock Down books around!

  4. I have 3 historical fiction ARCS that I keep shuffling around. It's a mood thing..lol

  5. I need a guide to fill in if I'm going to review a book. I just sit and read and think oh I'll remember later, Nope!

  6. I have enjoyed all of Santa Montefiore’s books. The Beekeepers Daughter was very good.

    I’ve been doing much better about my net galley pics. I’ve been reading them as I get approved. So far I have three more in my lineup!