Saturday, August 7, 2021

July 2021 Reading Recap


Books Read This Month:  26 - Not going to lie I'm pretty proud of myself!  This was a really great reading month for me 

Category Breakdown:

Mystery: 20

Fiction: 3

Nonfiction: 3

Print Books: 8

EBooks: 10

Audio Books: 8

Favorite Books of the Month:

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn - I have been wanting to read this book since it first came out and I finally got the audio of it and really enjoyed it.  Eve's story in particular was such a tough read but this is a book that has really stuck with me and I'm glad that ended with peace after so much heartache and pain.

Murder Most Fowl by Donna Andrews - And on a lighter note - this was such a fun read and really made me remember just how much I love this cozy series!

Least Favorite Book:

A Fatal Footnote by Margaret Loudon - This wasn't a bad book but it just didn't hold my attention as well as the rest of the books I read this month.  

How was your July?


  1. What a great month Katherine. The Alice Network is on my list.

  2. You had a great reading month in July. I hope you have a great August too.

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome reading month! I've received a couple of the books in the Andrews series from the publisher. I might just have to read it!

  4. I like the look of that Quinn book quite a bit.

  5. Absolutely amazing reading month. Congrats. I haven't read The Alice Network but I did read one of her others, I think called The Huntress which was really good.

  6. You had a terrific reading month! Here's hoping August goes just as well. You mentioned (over on my blog) that you're thinking of rereading the Mary Russell books. Let me know if you do; maybe we can do a joint post where we discuss one or more of them in depth.

    I'm glad to know The Alice Network ends well. I've been on the fence about reading it.

  7. This is great! Mysteries are my go to for comfort reads. They have a solution. It's like math. lol

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  8. What a great month! I loved Quinn's The Rose Code when I read it last winter. The Alice Network will be the next one of her books I try.

  9. I have never read 26 books in a month! You are the champ. 🏆 I think my all-time best is 16. 😊

  10. An impressive number 👏🏻. I think I only read two books in July.