Saturday, January 11, 2020

Cookbooks I Want to Try This Year

Other than Christmas Eve I can't remember the last time I cooked.  I think it was sometime in October.  We haven't been home very much (and even though I'm frequently in a hotel with a kitchenette I'm not determined enough to cook dinner in a hotel room) and when we are home it's frequently just me and the Tornado and we normally eat sandwiches or cereal.  But this year at some point I will have regular access to a kitchen and I'm determined to get back into cooking.  Here are a few books I saw at the library that I'm hoping will get me back into the spirit.

1.  Mary Berry's Quick Cooking  - I love Mary Berry and I need meals that come together quickly so this sounds perfect.

2.  Dinner Illustrated: 175 Meals Ready in 1 Hour or Less by America's Test Kitchen - Another quick meals cookbook and America's Test Kitchen is pretty reliable.

3.  Cook Like a Pro: Recipes & Tips for Home Cooks by Ina Garton - Ina Garton's recipes aren't the simplest but they are always so good and this is one cookbook I haven't tried.

4.  Patricia Heaton's Food for Family and Friends: 100 Favorite Recipes for a Busy Happy Life by Patricia Heaton - I've really enjoyed the shows Patricia Heaton's been on so I thought this might be fun to look at and try some of her recipes.

5.  Hero Dinners: Complete One Pan Meals that Save the Day by Marge Perry and David Bonom - I haven't had the best luck with one pot meals or sheet pan meals but I really want to find some that work for us. 

What are some of your favorite cookbooks? 


  1. I don't own more than three and haven't used any of them for years! I'm not much for cooking. I tend to do easy stuff like pasta bake, casseroles and stir fry!

  2. Mary Berry has a new cookbook?! I’m going to see if the library has it. You can’t go wrong with Cook’s Illustrated.
    When we stayed at hotels with a little kitchen I would make easy stuff like baked ziti or pan seared chicken cutlets. Just a few ideas!

  3. Thanks for this post! I put the Patricia Heaton and Mary Bary books on hold at my library.

  4. My cooking has changed a lot not that it just me and my husband most nights. I cook things that are simpler and put less of an effort into it. I don't really use cookbooks to cooks meals, although I do for baking, but I love looking through them. I might have to take a peak at Patricia Heaton's book.

  5. I have a few in my stash from our apt days. I don't use them much.

  6. This is awesome! I just snagged a copy of The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook from Shayna Telesmanic. I need to dive into that soon!