Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Summer Reading for a Resistant Reader

School is out here in Alabama! And with school being out comes the dilemma of just what to do with next couple of months.  We have plans - hikes, camps, trips and a few other things - but I want to get some reading time in as well.  The Tornado (age 8) isn't quite as thrilled by that idea.

So a few things - he's 8 and just finished 2nd grade.  According to the latest testing he's reading on a 5th grade level but he's a bit of a lazy reader and if I hand him a chunk of a book he's going to dig in his heels.  He's also a fairly sensitive kid in a way and things that spook him or seem scary tend to stick for awhile.

Here are a few books that I have on his TBR (whether he likes it or not) for this summer but I would love some more suggestions!

The Clue of the Papyrus Scroll by Dee Garretson and JM Lee 
Reason:  We read the first book in the in this new series and he really enjoyed it.  As well he's a big fan of The Boxcar Children and listens to the audio books of the original series on a regular basis.

Pirate Spacecat Attack by Geronimo Stilton
Reason:  Geronimo Stilton is a familiar character and these were really the first chapter books we tried.  Plus he loves cats so the fact that this involves cats who are spacecats AND pirates seems appealing.

Plants vs Zombies: Grown Sweet Home by Paul Tobin 
Reason:  I'm not particularly proud of this but he loves the Plants vs Zombies video game and I'm hoping this graphic novel about the game might catch his attention.

A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel by Madeline L'Engle and Hope Larson 
Reason:  He's enjoyed some of the graphic novel type books lately and I love this story and think it would translate wonderfully to graphic novel form.

Darkness of Dragons by Tui Sutherland 
Reason:  I don't know much about this series but he was interested in the series when he saw the cover at the bookstore and he loves dragons.

So those are the 5 books on my 8 year old's summer reading list.  I would love some recommendations if there are any great series that he needs to read!  


  1. I'm afraid I know nothing about kids books or reading levels as I don't have any kids, sorry!

  2. My granddaughter is 4 so I don't have recommendations fr older children. that;s great he's reading at a higher level but what would we expect from a child of yours? Bookworm!

  3. Hopefully, you'll get some good suggestions. My days of 'kid reading' are so far in the past. However, what about Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series or at least the 1st book. Or Hank the Cowdog? I'd talk to the chidren's librarian at your local library. Bet there would be some answers.

    1. Do you know Tina from this blog - http://booksaremything.blogspot.com/ - ? She's now a middle school librarian, but she was a elementary librarian until this past year. Also, Deb from Readerbuzz - https://readerbuzz.blogspot.com/ - will be back from her trip to Italy before long. Just suggestions.

  4. I am so out of the loop on children's books but I bet the library can help you.

  5. Can't help you there since one of mine reads middle grade and the other has moved to teen, but these books look like a great start to a summer full of reading.

    1. Oh and I like the convenience of my instant pot. I do miss a good crunch sometimes like with breaded meat.

  6. My 9-year-old daughter is the same way. She reads well; she just doesn't like to read. She'd rather be out playing or doing something active. The books she does really get into are graphic novels -- she loves the Bad Kitty books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Big Nate, etc.

  7. I hope he loves the books. My son discovered Roald Dahl during those years but I'm sure there are many other choices these days. Good luck!

  8. Baz was the same way about scary content. We were having the dilemma of finding books that would challenge him at that age, but be of interest to his age group, so a friend gave us a ton of their son's old Goosebumps books and he didn't even make it half way through the book. 💀

    I will be looking out for what he ends up thinking about Wrinkle because I was heartbroken when Baz could have cared less, and didn't want to continue on with the series. 📚