Monday, June 12, 2017

One Week to the Wedding - Review + Top 5 List

One Week to the Wedding (Misty Point #1) by Olivia Miles

Rating: Good
Source: Publisher

Description:  Kate Daniels couldn't be more excited to be planning her best friend's theory. Lately, just thinking about gowns and centerpieces makes her want to hide under the covers with her dog and a good book --one that doesn't include a romantic plot, thank you very much. Maybe it's because her fiancĂ© cheated. Or maybe it's because he cheated with her younger sister, Charlotte. Or maybe it's because her newfound reputation as jilted wedding planner isn't exactly doing wonders for her career.
Charlotte knows she messed up. Big time. But she also knows something Kate doesn't-something that might bring them close again, if her sister will ever take her calls. But as time passes and silence grows, Charlotte begins to realize she can't hide from her problems forever, and that sometimes the only place to run is home.

With the wedding only a week away, Kate expects a few surprises. But what she doesn't expect is to find herself the strength of family, and the possibility of finding love again.

Genre: Romance - Contemporary

Top 5 List:
When signing up for this blog tour one of the options in addition to the review was a Top 5 list.  Now I'm all about a list I just couldn't resist!  One of the things I always wonder about an author isn't necessarily about their actual writing but more about their writing habits.  And since I was in a bit of a snacking mood I couldn't resist hearing what Olivia Miles reaches for when she's making her characters come to life.  These are her Top 5 writing snacks:

1. Biscotti
2. Blue corn chips with guacamole
3. Cheese and crackers
4. Bell peppers
5. Popcorn

Why I Picked This Book:  I really enjoyed Olivia Miles' Briar Creek series and really wanted to get to know Misty Point.

My Impression:  I'm so not a wedding person yet somehow I just can't seem to resist a book about wedding planners!  I love reading about all the details and all the stress of favors and seating arrangements and fittings but at the same time being relieved that I didn't have to do any of that!  Kate is wedding planner extraordinaire desperately trying to make sure her best friend has the absolute perfect day all while trying to deal with a broken heart, betrayal, and a horrible impossible to please boss.  I loved the community of Misty Point.  It is a small town on the beach with a casual feel and interesting characters just begging to have their story told.

It took me a little longer to warm up to Kate and Alec than it did to Misty Point. Neither of them are in the happiest of spots and are just starting to realize that it might be time to change.  This change isn't quick for either of them and there were times it felt like while the story itself was progressing they weren't really changing.  Despite that Miles' continued to keep me invested in the story and it was a book I just wanted to keep reading - and the pay off was definitely worth it!

This was perfect back deck reading (with maybe some blue corn chips and guacamole inspired from the author's own snack choices!) and I enjoyed every minute of it despite my few quibbles.  This is a series that I think has a lot of potential and I can't wait for the next book!

Recommended to contemporary romance readers who love a good small town setting!


  1. I almost requested this one because I am a sucker for wedding planning and wedding books. I do love a good small town setting though so I might still pick it up. Great review!

  2. I like the author's snacks. My husband likes to munch on the mini bell peppers. I recently read this article on food and learned the color of bell peppers depends upon how ripe they are.

    1. Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes for Jellybean. When she smiles, our whole world lights up. I just finished Norse Mythology last night but will save it for next Monday's book post.

  3. I love chips with salsa and/or guacamole (we make our own fresh guac but leave out jalapeno peppers-- I don't like to handle them). Also, using red bell pepper slices as dippers in it is yummy too, maybe with some added white bean hummus. Okay, I need to stop talking about food... :)

    I like a good wedding story and wedding planners can be a fun territory for a movie or plot. Glad this was a good one for you, and since first books in a planned series can sometimes get bogged down setting up the scenario, the next one might be even better!

  4. I tend to read for sweet snacks over salty but I do enjoy some popcorn and cheese with crackers. This sounds like a fun summer read despite the few issues you had with the book. Great review!

  5. I haven't come across this author before Katherine, but I do like small town romances and this seems like it might be in that kind of vein that so many of my fav authors write. Yes nice to sit back and know someone else is planning the wedding!

  6. Ha, I'm lunching on chips and guac as I read this :) Those mini Wholly Guacamole that Costco sells are fab!

    I love a good small town series so I'd consider this book. Adding the title to my list.

  7. I am with you. I love stories about the planners :)

  8. I am not really a wedding person either, but I don't mind reading books featuring wedding planners. Add in a small town and a beach . . . I am glad you liked this one even if it took a while to warm to the main characters.

  9. Oh good to hear. I enjoy her other series but this one made me nervous for some reason.