Monday, December 9, 2013

December TBR Pile

So I have 18 books to read this December.  It's not impossible but it definitely could be better.  I will definitely need to manage my time better next year.  So this is what I'll be reading by December 31st to make my goal of 130 books in 2013.

1.  Akin to Anne
2.  Road to Yesterday
3.  Along the Shore
4.  Among the Shadows
5.  At the Altar
6.  Christmas with Anne
7.  Looking for Anne of Green Gables - Irene Gammel
8.  Coming Home - Mariah Stewart
9.  Slices of Life - Leah Eskin
10. Christmas Mysteries: A Sampler - Various
11. It Had to Be You - Jill Shalvis
12.  Reunion with Death - Sheila Connolly
13.  Ramshackle Glam - Jordan Reid
14.  Deadly Ambition - Laura Bradley

So far I've read #1 and #8.  I'm at least 50 pages into #2, #7, #9, and #11.  It's really a good thing that TV is going to mostly reruns and Christmas specials because I can get a little more reading done in the evening.  The last week of December may be a mad dash but I'm quite sure I'll get them all read!


  1. I should make a list for the rest of the year. I never follow my lists, but I should.

  2. I'm not sure it really matters. I'm all kinds of behind. Maybe if I cut down to 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night I can get them all read but it's going to be a tight race.