Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas - Review

Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas

Rating: 2 Stars

Description:  Justine has found happiness running a small inn on Friday Harbor but relationships just don't seem to work out for her.  When she falls back on her hereditary witchcraft to help her find love she learns that she has been cursed.  Jason Black has built an gaming empire while managing to stay almost completely out of the public eye.  He discovered years earlier that he has no soul.  When he and Justine meet while Jason is staying at the inn sparks fly but is it possible for anything else to happen?

Genre:  Romance

My Impression:  This was by far the most disappointing book of November.  I have loved the previous 3 books of this series and while the description didn't really grab me I had no hesitation about reading it.  Justine had been a fairly big character in books #2 and #3 and I had really liked her.  She was smart and a bit cynical while still retaining a sense of humor and was basically a nice person.  I don't know what happened to her because in book 4 she was oversensitive and spineless and spent most of her time blushing hotly.  Jason was extremely reserved and very very controlling.  He pretty much treated Justine like a helpless child from the beginning and she was okay with it.  There was a very strong 50 Shades of Grey feel to this book complete with an odd and out of character bondage scene.  It also contained one of my least favorite plot devices - the hidden agenda.  Kleypas's books are usually my favorites but this one I could hardly finish.

Would I Read More of this Series/Author?:  Yes.  With the exception of this book Kleypas has been one of the most consistent authors I've read and I've loved the series up until now.

Would I Recommend this Book?:  No not at all.

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