Thursday, January 14, 2021

Books from the Backlog - Silent Auction


Today I'm linking up with Carole from Carole's Random Life of Books for Books from the Backlog.  I really enjoy the chance to feature a book that's been hiding in the piles of books for far too long!

Goodreads:  Silent Auction by Jane K. Cleland

Blurb:  The autumn foliage is in full fiery glory on a beautiful day in the little coastal town of Rocky Point, New Hampshire. Josie Prescott arrives at the town’s renovated lighthouse to conduct an antiques appraisal and is horrified to discover the bludgeoned body of her neighbor ZoĆ«’s beloved nephew, Frankie. The owners of the lighthouse are avid antiques collectors, and Josie soon begins to suspect that a scrimshaw tooth from their collection may be the key to solving the crime that has shaken Rocky Point, and broken her dear friend’s heart.

Why It Needs To Come Off My Shelf:  I love antiques and antique shopping but haven't had much opportunity to go in 2020 but I do enjoy this series so a little virtual shopping and murder solving sounds fun right now.


  1. This does sound fun and I love that cover! I hope you enjoy it when you read it, Katherine.

  2. The premise sounds enticing and go you for hitting into your backlog so early in the year, Katherine - I'm still clearing the arcs I requested... I hope you enjoy this one:)).

  3. This sounds like fun! I love a good mystery and really like the antique angle of the story. I hope you enjoy this one, Katherine!

  4. I also love antiques and antique shopping, but haven't done it in a while. This book sounds good!

  5. Sounds great and another cozy mystery series?