Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween - Nancy Drew Style


This is a weird Halloween for all who celebrate who think.  Trick or treating is in jeopardy, most events are cancelled or very much changed, and no parties.  For us even if it wasn't it wouldn't be a very Halloween-y kind of year.  But luckily there are still fabulous vintage Nancy Drew covers and when all else fails here are a few of my favorites to get in a spooky mood!  Greg over at Book Haven has been showing so many fantastic covers over the last few months that I couldn't resist showing a few of my favorites!

The Mystery of the 99 Steps - This feels like a title that was picked because they were all out of titles.  I'm not sure what's scarier - having to climb that flight of stairs behind them or finding out what's behind the rickety door.

The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion - I've read enough Nancy Drew to know that there's a very real possibility one of the three people in the picture is about to get over the head and kidnapped - it'll probably be Bess.  Digging a hole in the yard of an abandoned mansion at night is never a good idea but doing it with Nancy Drew is even worse.

The Moonstone Castle Mystery - This one scared me half to death when I first read it for reasons I can't explain now.  I'm pretty sure I reread it a year or so after and couldn't out why it scared me so much even then but just seeing the cover makes me shiver a bit!

The Secret in the Old Attic - A shadowy figure in the background is somewhat outshone by the giant skeleton hand but neither seem good.

The Witch Tree Symbol - Spooky tree at night.  Nope, no thank you!

Are you a Nancy Drew cover fan?


  1. Who can resist Nancy Drew? Great cover choices. I started collecting these for the granddaughters.

  2. Such great covers for sure, and I was lucky to find a few old ones at a thrift store last year. Happy Halloween to you and the family! Hugs, RO

  3. I like those covers. I need to start that series one of these days. If I can find the box...

  4. Spooky mystery covers are good. And hopefully you will have Halloween back in a year or two.

  5. My brother read all of the Hardy Boys books but I only ever read a couple of Nancy Drew books, which is strange given how much I read. But I do love those covers!

  6. I love Nancy Drew! My daughter's gotten into the novels featuring a younger more modern Nancy Drew, which are a lot of fun too--although aimed at a younger audience.

  7. It's weird that I liked the Hardy Boys more than Nancy Drew. 😛