Saturday, July 29, 2017

52 Pins in 52 Weeks - July Edition

So I started this feature because I'm a huge fan of Pinterest but there were so many pins getting neglected and I wanted to fix that.  I figured this was a way to pick some of those neglected pins and make myself try them.  And it worked... for awhile.

I'm not sure what exactly is going on but I've definitely fallen behind.  I've been out of town a decent amount this year dealing with my grandfather's health situation and then J and I have been traveling more as well since we've gotten the RV which has definitely cut into my pinning time.  We've also had some health issues pop up here in the last couple of months that have really made me want to try and cook a lot healthier which is making all the rich yummy food I love to pin more of a rare splurge than a regular thing.  And really I'm just so tired right now and am just not feeling like taking the time to really try new things.

So I'm taking a short break from this one to hopefully get stuff sorted out and some pins actually completed.  I'm also thinking of making this quarterly instead of monthly but haven't really decided anything yet.   I'll post an update and hopefully some completed pins on Saturday, September 30.

 In the meantime you can follow me on Pinterest or check out my 52 Pins in 52 Weeks  board and my 52 Pins in 52 Weeks Results board.

On a side note the one pin I've completed this month is this one from and is basically putting an upside down tomato cage over your squash plant and using that to control it and make it easier to see the squash.  For the most part this works.  It definitely kept the bulk of the plant from sprawling and kept the bottom of the stems more visible so I don't suddenly discover squash the size of baseball bats.  However, it stops working when you realize you're one tomato cage short for your actual tomato plants and have to pull it up and put it over the tomatoes to keep that plant from spilling into the yard where the lawn people will probably run over it and that will be end of your tomatoes.

What pins have you done this month?


  1. I have actually tried a couple of instant pot recipes/tips& tricks this month since i just got one. I really need to actually try to do more of the recipes I pin!!

  2. Family and health issues come first. We changed our diet to lose weight and get in better shape so, I know what you mean. Quarterly updates would probably be better for you right now.

    Great idea about the upside down tomato cage! Maybe I will try that next year.

  3. It's great that you can be there to help family. That's so important. I'm like you and need to spend more time over at Pinterest because there's so much there to see and learn about. Hugs...RO Happy Saturday!!!!

  4. Life was really busy for me, too. I have the girls I babysit more in the summer, and today I watched the one's baby brother for the first time while she and her parents went to a wedding. So, don't feel bad, I only got two pins done and I owed one from last month, so I am behind, too! I will be posting mine tomorrow. And then I'll see you in September. <3

  5. One year I'm going to actually have a successful veggie garden. One year. lol I still having gotten a single tomato from my plants. They're working on it but still.

    And goodness you have had quite a year. It would be so hard keeping up with it when you're traveling more and dealing with health issues for sure.

  6. I'm linked. I did another pin with the girls yesterday (Sunday) so I was able to squeak out three pins. :P

  7. I really wish that I had paid attention to my grandpa and dad when I was young. They both farmed and were so good at growing a lot of food. They both died when I was too young to think I would ever eat a veggie much less want to grow one.

  8. Goodness - you've been busy! Doing pins is often very time consuming - any time you try new things and you really have to focus on what you're doing it, I guess. I need to get back to my pins as well.