Sunday, September 27, 2015

This Week in Reading - September 27

It's Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week.

What I Got:

Remember how last week I was complaining that I had 2 requests pending on NetGalley that were taking forever?  Well they both came through this week and when I went to download them I noticed that the longest request had been in there 2 weeks and the other had been in for 8 days.  I think that tells you all you need to know about my patience!

Wendy Darling by Colleen Oakes - I've read the 2 books in the Queen of Hearts series which I really enjoyed and I'm so intrigued by this take on Peter Pan.  It looks like it's designed to be more geared towards children so I'm very excited.  (NetGalley)

Death and the Brewmaster's Widow by Loretta Ross - I absolutely loved the first one in this series that came out at the beginning of the year so I'm really excited about this 2nd one.  It's a mystery series involving an auction house (which means old houses!) and a detective whose name is a Dorothy L. Sayers reference.  It's like my happy place of mysteries.  (NetGalley)


Reading:  Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain and A Fine Summer's Day by Charles Todd

Listening:  The Cat Who Blew the Whistle by Lillian Jackson Braun.  I used to read this series a long time ago and I remember why I stopped.  The mystery itself is enjoyable and I like the cats but there is so much extra information that I think if I had been reading this one it'd be a DNF.  As it is it's an okay listen but nothing to run out and get.

Watching: I've gone from nothing to everything!  I'm loving The Great British Baking Show and am having to restrain myself from ordering a bunch of cookbooks associated with it.  I'm also enjoying Dancing with the Stars and am fully team Alek Skarlatos though I pretty much like all of them.  Also, of course all the NCIS shows and am looking forward to the CSI finale tonight.  Oh and Doctor Who started!  I haven't watched the first but I'm so excited about it.  There's a few others too.  My reading is going to take a hit I think.

Off the Blog:

We seemed to have landed in the South's version of fall which means a day could be anywhere from 55 to 85 and sometimes both in one day.  I have no idea what to wear!  Luckily the Tornado doesn't get cold very easily so at least he's easy to dress in just his standard shorts and t-shirt with a jacket if it's really cold in the morning.

I've been cooking everyday but nothing particularly exciting.  I did pull out an old recipe for Oreo Truffles and we've been happily making ourselves ill on them.  I basically use this recipe but I only use 6 ounces of cream cheese instead of the full 8 because I find they hold their shape better.  I also use milk chocolate bark because I consider white chocolate an abomination that should not be mentioned.  I haven't tried the peppermint version she has listed but those might come out for Christmas and I might consider the white chocolate then.

I've been having the worst headaches since this summer and they're driving me crazy.  It's not really a headache because it starts in my neck but they're freakishly hard to get rid of.  I don't want to go to the doctor but I'm afraid I might have to.  When they show up they end up sapping all my energy which does not make me happy.  I think the root cause is a car accident I was in about 100 years ago (ok more like 15 but same thing) and at the time they gave me muscle relaxers but I'm hoping there's another way to handle them now.  Exercising regularly has helped some but they're still showing up at least once a week and just sap all my energy.  Has anyone had any problems in the neck area?  Any magic cures?  

On the Blog:

What Happened:

What's Coming Up:

Monday: The Liar - Romantic Suspense Review
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday 
Wednesday: All I Want - Contemporary Romance Review
Thursday: The Forgotten - Romantic Suspense Review and is there a better way to start October than with zombies?
Friday: Usual linkups plus current book
Saturday: Sheet Pan Suppers Review with Recipe

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. Oh, I used to love the Cat Who mysteries. I owned them all in paperback but gave them away during a purge. I had to laugh about your pending requests as I can relate. Though, I've had some pending requests go for 3-4 months. Both the new books sound good.

    Happy reading and have a good week!

  2. Love the cover of Wendy Darling! I've actually got Pretending to Dance to read next so keen to hear what you think of it.

  3. Dr. Who, I still need to get into that. I did catch a little bit of a couple episodes last time, but not nearly enough. And I've been Netflixing like crazy lately, finding all these new shows! It's amazing I read anything...

    Fall's been funny here so far too, all week we had high 70's then 50's (even 40's a few times) at night. It was almost nicer this week during the day than it was in august. Oh well it won't last. :)

  4. Haha glad you were able to get the books after such and excruciating wait. ;) Seems like a few Peter Pan theme books are coming out. Oh yeah, Doctor Who is back! The first episode was so good. I haven't watched the second one yet, probably tomorrow. Dang that stinks about your neck. I hope you can find something helpful soon.

  5. Oh yes, identify with that push that request button and it seems for ages before you hear. Actually its a total surprise when one comes back quickly!
    Looking forward to your review of All I Want as will be reading that soon.

  6. I loved a lot of the Cat Who ... series, but the later books definitely suffered, which was a shame. Have a great week :)

  7. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Pretending to Dance. Oreo Truffles sound amazing. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from eating them!! Have a great week!

  8. A headache that starts in your neck sounds horrible and if they've been going on for a while, I think you probably should go get them checked out. Bummer, I'm like you and hate going to the doctor until I really have to.
    I'm dying to read Pretending to Dance, hope you enjoy it.

  9. I have about the same patience level when it comes to Netgalley, lol! Luckily, I have stayed away for the past several months... almost afraid to go take a look;-)

    The oreo truffles sound delicious. My daughter and I have made some the past couple of years, but have not seen recipes for the variations you mentioned. Yum!

    Sure hope your headaches/neck pain are better this week :)

  10. I need Wendy Darling. I love any thing to do with Peter Pan :) The cover is beautiful as well. Love the great British bakeoff. I love the sound of your truffles except I love white chocolate LOL I hope you feel better this week. Being in pain is never good.

    Megan @

  11. Summer of 2001 was only 14 years ago! And we were on the way to the bookstore so you can blame your reading habit. Also that remains the only car accident I've been i where I was driving and it was sooooo not my fault

  12. I am very curious about Wendy Darling....I haven't read many fairytale retellings (any, actually!), but oddly enough, my home is "littered" with Disney collectibles, with Peter Pan mementos atop one of my dining room cupboards...LOL.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. OMG, I just reread your post and saw the part about the neck problems. I have recurring pain there, with some days better than others. I was in two accidents with whiplash injuries...and the physical therapy afterwards was great. But now, the only thing that works, other than pain pills, is using a heating pad for part of the day.

      But if Ido stretches first thing after waking up, and use my little bar bells, the ones I got from the physical therapist, I can manage my day better. Good luck!

  13. I've seen Wendy Darling a few times this week but I don't have much luck with retellings so I'm not sure if I'll pick it up yet, though I am interested!

  14. Is it the Great British Bake Off you are watching, I love it! Me and my oldest daughter are glued to it!

    Doctor Who, I have just watched episode two of the new series, I'm not blown away but I do love Missy, she is crazy!

    Have a good week!

  15. LOL it's funny how it can seem like forever and a day! but only have been a few. Glad they came through (finally!) heh

    Weather is that way here too. It's a head messer.

  16. I love the cover of Wendy Darling. I still have to read Death & the Redheaded Woman and want to do that soon so I'll be ready for book 2! I'm really liking the new shows, too, Katherine. Unfortunately, we downgraded our cable and don't have the BBC anymore so we can't watch Doctor Who. :-( I hope your neck starts feeling better, Katherine.

  17. I love that my favorite shows are back on and enjoying some new ones. (Blindspot was actually pretty good) I am sad that CSI is ending but I love that they are bringing back Grisham as he was my favorite and I feel it just wasn't as good after he left.

    Enjoy your new reads! :)

  18. Also looking forward to the CSI finale - the weather here has brought out a big crop of mosquitoes. They are insidious and just swarm us when we go outside. If these headaches are starting in your neck they are probably migraines - the blood vessels involved are the cervical arteries which supply the back of the head. Definitely see your MD. There are great meds available now that will nip them in the bud!

  19. Lol your patience sounds about as bad as mine. The books sound worth the "long" wait though - Death and the Brewmaster's Widow sounds great!

    I'm in the south too and yep, crazy all-over-the-place weather right now. And I've been having headaches, weirdly. I hope yours go away soon.

  20. I loved The Wonder by Colleen Oakes, I own the first book, but haven't read it yet. I was suppose to be on a tour for Wendy Darling, but I am guessing the tour hosts didn't get the book in time for my Oct 2nd review. That reminds me, I need to write them and ask what the hold up is. It looks really good.
    I am so sorry to hear about your headaches. That just sucks. I would just tell you to drink water, since dehydration is sometimes the culprit for headaches, but if it is based on an old injury that probably won't work. I hope you find some real relief soon.

  21. Aww the cover for Wendy Darling is lovely, hope it's wonderful. And I hope you like Pretending to Dance as much as I did.
    I get quite a few headaches from an old neck/upper back injury and I'm finding magnesium spray is easing things. Not a cure all but certainly an improvement. I used to buy it but it's seriously just magnesium chloride and distilled water so now I make my own (pinterest lol) You also have the amazing Plant Therapy in the US, I order from them and their postage to Australia is one of the best. One of their blends is Pain-Aid (essential oils that help with pain and inflammation) I find it pretty good ... might be worth a try?
    Have a great week and happy reading :)

  22. I have been seeing Wendy Darling everywhere lately! I'm eager to hear your thoughts on it. My weather has been varying from morning to afternoon by a huge difference too, so frustrating some days!
    Have a great week, and I hope the neck pain improves!
    Thanks for stopping by the The Local Muse

  23. Wendy Darling looks interesting. I have never read a Peter Pan retelling. I have not attempted to make the Oreo cream cheese truffles yet, but maybe I will try some fall themed ones with the caramel apple Oreos. My motherand sister have read tons of the Cat Who books. It is funny they both love mysteries and don't. I was getting neck pain when I first started reading on my Kindle a lot. Try putting a cold pack on the back of your neck and a hot pack on your chest (or vice versa). It supposedly confuses your muscles and their default is to relax. It works for me, I hope it will work for you. Have a wonderful week. :)

  24. Hi Katherine. How're you feeling? I'm sorry you're suffering from these energy sapping headaches. It is a must that you see your doc. Would acupuncture help any? On Netgallery, do you always get what books you request? I didn't realize it was that kind of site. Our weather has been like yours. It's like 59° in the morning and warms up to mid-70's or 80's.

  25. I'm so excited that we both got copies of Wendy Darling! I hope you love it! I'm in North Carolina and our weather has been pretty crazy too. Have a great week!

    Here's my Weekly Recap!

  26. For your neck, I highly recommend finding a chiropractor. Visit your regular doctor, but most likely you will only be prescribed something and not really addressing the problem. When you feel pain in your back/neck/spine, it is like the first 80% of the pain has been ignored and what you are feeling is the upper 20%. There are a lot of folks who believe chiropractors are "quacks," but I have the x-rays to prove the amount of change in my back and spine. My chiropractor gave me two options: temporary fixes (1x/week) or intense therapy (3x/week) for 3 months. I did the 3x and was able to put the full amount on Care Credit with 1 year no interest since it was not covered by insurance.

  27. I can totally relate to the NetGalley thing!! I had two that I had to wait TWO WEEKS for! I started to think they'd decline... three days to go on one, two on the other... "accepted". EXCUSE ME?!! Give me time to read them at least! Luckily I managed to power read them so I didn't get negative %, you know? I can totally relate :(
    Have a great week,
    Amy x