Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday - Books With Colors in the Title

Today I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl which is all about lists.  Since lists are one of my favorite things this is one of my favorite linkups!  Today's topic is Books with Colors in the Title.

1.  Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery - This was an easy one and one of my favorite books of all time!

2.  The Golden Road by L.M. Montgomery - This is the sequel to another all time favorite - The Story Girl.  I don't think this one is quite as good as the first but it was still a delightful read.

3.  Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts - I actually just reread this because it takes place in my current city (Memphis, TN) and really enjoyed it.

4.  The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery - Apparently Montgomery enjoyed using colors in her titles.  Who knew?  This is another all time favorite and just a delightful read.

5.  Greenglass House by Kate Milford - This is a fun middle grade that I'm looking forward to pulling out when it gets closer to Christmas to reread with my son.

6.  Written in Red by Anne Bishop - This is really outside my usual genre comfort zone but I listened to it a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  I have the 2nd on Audible and need to make time to listen to it.

7.  Miss Silver Comes to Stay by Patricia Wentworth - Another favorite.  Apparently a lot of my favorites have colors in the title.

8.  Scarlet by Marissa Meyer - I need to get back to this series.  I read this and enjoyed it (and the first one) but have yet to get around to listening to book 3 even though I own it.

9.  Fade to Black by Heather Graham - This is a fun paranormal romantic suspense.  I don't remember all that much about it but I do remember enjoying it.

10. Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase - This was a Rebecca-like atmospheric dark family secrets kind of tale that I remember enjoying but wasn't a favorite.  I do love that title though!

What are some books that you've read with colors in the title?


  1. Hi Katherine! Yea! Love your list! I also have Anne of Green Gables and I've used the second one from In the Garden trilogy - Black Rose.

    No Agatha Christie? I've listed The man in the brown suit. Here's my complete post: I see your true colors

  2. I’ve not read any of them but I love posts like this, I’m seeing lots of books to add to my list! Written in Red looks good!

  3. I see some I have read and enjoyed and loved the whole Written in Red series.

  4. Anne of Green Gables and The Blue Castle both sound so good.

  5. The only one I tried was Written In Blood but it wasn't really my kind of read. Lots of colour variety in titles to choose from!

  6. GREENGLASS HOUSE is on my list this week. It sounds excellent.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!

  7. The Anne books. 😍

    I enjoyed Black Rabbit Hall, too. 📚

  8. #6 I forget who was a big fan of that series but I heard it's really good. I read the Meyer series; it was brutal and definitely a good fractured fairy tale of Cinderella.