Saturday, March 9, 2019

Pinterest Recipes I Want to Try and 1 I Did

I've been in a cooking rut for the last few months.  Dinner gets on the table most of the time but I can't say I'm really enjoying actually cooking.  Part of the problem is I'm trying to lighten our calorie, fat, and sugar intake and try healthier options but still keep it interesting and tasty.  Here are a few recipes I've found on my Pinterest boards I want to try.

1.  Best Ever Grilled Margarita Chicken with Marinade from The Slow Roasted Italian - Not sure how healthy this is with all the tequila but it's grilled and has lots of herbs so I'm saying it counts.  You have to scroll way down to find the recipe but it is there and it looks delicious.

2.  One Skillet Healthy Orange Chicken and Rice from Living Well Mom - This has healthy right in the title!  Plus I love orange chicken and this has to be healthier than the orange chicken I get at my local Chinese place.

3.  Caprese Chicken from Cooking Classy - I love Caprese salad and this looks delicious!  I'm saving this one for the first tomato harvest because there is nothing better than fresh tomatoes in a caprese salad.

4.  Amazing Pork Tenderloin from Real Mom Kitchen - I've kind of overused all my regular pork tenderloin recipes so I want to try this one.  It says amazing in the title and there's Worcestershire sauce in the marinade.  It's hard to go wrong with Worcestershire sauce.

And for the 1 I've Tried:

Irish Ginger Snaps from Cooking With Ruthie - I made these on a whim and did not regret it!  The texture was soft and chewy without the snap of a traditional ginger snap.  The flavor was buttery and richly spiced with almost a chai tea flavor.  They're delicious and perfect with a cup of tea or a cold glass of milk.  The only change I made in the recipe was using sparkling sugar instead of raw sugar to roll the cookies in.

Any Pinterest recipes you've tried lately that I need to try? 


  1. All of the main course dishes sound good, but I'm afraid they all have too much meat for me. I like meat for flavoring, but I am not happy when the meal centers around it.

  2. I always fo get about Pinterest recipes until you remind me. All of those sound amazing. I like cooking and controlling the diet, eating out on the patio. Pizza night is fun too but meals like these are wonderful.

  3. These all look delicious! The orange chicken is a lot healthier than the one I recently discovered, so will give it a try.

  4. These all look good. I especially want to try the orange chicken.

  5. These sound good. Lately, I've been just cooking seasoned chicken breasts & thighs and cod dipped in seasoned flour and pan frying them in butta in nonstick skillets.

  6. My Irish grandmother used to make soft ginger cookies she called "spiced cookies" and I just recently came across a recipe for them. I'll have to try this one, too. She was a terrible cook, but was a stellar baker. Ha ha. 🍀