Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ten Creepy Covers

Happy Halloween!  I had dreams of reading creepy books so I can have some creepy reviews for Halloween but life happened and that never came to pass.  So instead I'm going to talk about the next best thing (to me anyway!) creepy covers!  These are all books I haven't read but I want to and mostly because of the covers!

1.  Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

2.  Ten by Gretchen McNeil

3.  The Babes in the Wood by Ruth Rendell

4.  Into the Shadows by Shirley Wells

5.  The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji

6. Hushabye by Celina Grace

7.  Ghost Moon by Heather Graham

8.  A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

9.  The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

10. Blue Monday by Nicci French

So clearly, for me creepy = atmospheric.  What are some of your favorite creepy covers?


  1. My covers tend to be really frightening rather than creepy! Paige Reiring's '

    1. Oops hit publish by mistake! Sorry about that. Paide Reiring's 'Spawn' is a good example!

  2. All nicely creepy covers. Hope you have a very enjoyable Halloween.

  3. Yes, I love the covers and I've read several of them. I've read TEN, BLUE MONDAY and INTO THE SHADOWS. I kind of forgot about INTO THE SHADOWS. There were several books in the series it's part of. Wonder if I still have the books. TEN is fun because it's kind of 'and then there were none...YA style'. And BLUE MONDAY - the first book in the Frieda Klein series - loved it. Happy Halloween, Katherine!

  4. That "Monster" cover definitely looks scary. Hope you're eating lots of cupcakes and candy tonight! Hugs...RO

  5. I like the eerie atmosphere on these covers. Mine would probably have terrifying monsters on them. LOL

  6. Neverwhere is a very atmospheric cover! I'm a big fan of Ten's cover and The decagon House Murders- I love that moonlit view!

  7. I think these are great and I'm with you - I think creepy is more about atmospheric because I don't read horror!

  8. I love these covers. There is something about them that is rather subtle and yet still they have their impact.

  9. The Neverwhere and the Ten covers are definitely creepy! 👍✨

  10. Yeah that Stephens one always gives me a little shudder. lol