Saturday, November 7, 2015

This Week's Menu

Sunday: Italian Wedding Soup from Barefoot Contessa's Back to Basics. We've had this before and it takes a little time but it's so good!  Just like most of Ina's recipes tend to be!

Monday: Chicken with Easy Lemon Butter Sauce  from My Life as a Mrs., Mashed Potatoes from the Pioneer Woman

Tuesday: Fajitas with these flour tortillas from Mom on Timeout and Rotel dip

Wednesday: Fried Pork Chops from Six Sisters Stuff (though I'm using boneless chops),  Luxurious Garlicky Scalloped Potatoes from An Old-Fashioned Christmas which I'm reviewing in a couple of weeks.

ThursdayBecky Higgins' Garlic Chicken Farfalle

Friday: Roast Beef Sliders Horseradish Cheese Baked Sliders from Real House Moms because I love everything horseradish and horseradish cheddar is my favorite!  I will be using regular slider buns instead of the Hawaiian rolls because J is weirdly against Hawaiian bread.

Saturday: Freebie - We may eat out or pick something up or I may make something super simple.

Extras:  I've been craving cheesecake lately so I thought I'd try this recipe for The Best Homemade Cheesecake from Plain Chicken.  Plain Chicken is one of my favorite food blogs so I have high hopes.

There will be bread for most of these meals though I probably won't decide which kind until the day of.  Last week I made these Buttery Soft Rolls from Tastes of Lizzy T's and they were really good!

We have Fajitas every Tuesday because the Tornado loved the idea of Taco Tuesday after watching The Lego Movie.  J loves the idea of having basically the same thing every week but to me it seems kind of boring.  I like to try new things both cooking-wise and eating wise and we very rarely have the same thing twice in a month.  I do tend to make something with a sauce on Monday and serve mashed potatoes with it but that's mostly because the Tornado loves mashed potatoes!  Which side do you fall in?

I'm linking up with Weekend Cooking hosted by Beth Fish Reads

What are you eating this week?


  1. Bon app├ętit, as we say ;)

  2. I am so in awe of someone who sticks to a menu plan! I can't do it! I used to but now we are empty nesters, so... ??? I'm not cooking on a workday if I don't have to. But on the weekends? I'm making my way thru my cookbook collection as well as a homemade cookbook my friends and I made about 15years ago. Now I have new blogs and new cookbooks to look for! Thanks a lot! (no, really----thanks. A lot! It all sounds so good)

  3. I like trying new recipes - a lot... luckily my husband is adventurous and easy to please. I love Ina's cookbooks.

  4. I love trying new recipes and rarely repeat meals on a regular basis. I would love a seat at your table! All those meals sound delicious.

  5. I'm always trying new recipes. I love cheesecake too.

  6. Wow, what a terrific menu plan. Want to come visit you. Actually, I need to do more of that and use the cookbooks I have, planning and shopping in advance.

  7. A menu plan, I'm impressed. That chicken on Monday sounds delicious. I don't mind eating the same food agan but I'm boring; I'm not an adventurous eater nor do I enjoy cooking.

    Good luck with the cooking, may all your mealls turn out perfect!

  8. The chicken with buttered lemon sauce looks good. Usually, I love lemons.

  9. I need to get my hands on that book - need some inspiration. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  10. Ooooo, that's A really good cookbook! I have checked it out of the library so many times. I want to buy it.

    Your meal plans are amazing, why don't I live next-door to you?!

  11. Your week looks delicious, and I pinned the Garlic Chicken Farfalle recipe.

  12. You always make me so hungry when I check out your Saturday posts. It makes me want to cook. But you know, I never well because then I quickly remember how much I hate to cook and just want a personal chef to make me whatever I say. Lol!

  13. I'm gonna have to check out the lemon butter sauce. I've been wanting to try one for a while.

    I never got the Taco Tuesday craze. I just go with what I'm feeling that day.