Review Philosophy and Rating System

My Review Philosophy:

I believe that reading is subjective so while I do assign a number rating I rely more on a pro and con system.  What could be a book ruin-er for me might not even raise your eyebrows and vice versa.  I believe that if I accept a book for review the expectation is for an honest review which isn't always going to be a positive review.  However, if I don't like a book I'll give my reasons so that any readers can have a clear picture of the book to see if it would work for them.

You can reach me at or on Twitter at KEPitts1.  At this point I can only accept books for review consideration in hard copy or Kindle format.  Please contact me if you have questions.

Rating System

DNF - Didn't Finish. 

1 Star - I kept hoping it would improve or engage me but it never did

2 Star - There were glimmers of good or there was a character or subplot that I enjoyed but unfortunately the negatives outweighed the positives.

3 Star - This is a book where the negatives and positives were about equal.  I didn't dislike it but it's not one that I will be rereading anytime soon.

3.5 Star - The positives outweighed the negatives.  This is probably an author and series I will read again and maybe even recommend but isn't one that will be sticking around in my head.

4 Star - Really good!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one and couldn't wait to get back to if it I had to put it down.

4.5 Star - Almost perfect.  Maybe a few tiny flaws but nothing that marred my enjoyment. It's a book that will be sticking with me for awhile and will probably be reread definitely will be recommended.

5 Star - I loved this book!  It has a home on my keeper shelf and most likely at least 1 friend or relative will be receiving this a gift!

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